Dana White explains why the UFC is better than boxing: “We are fun and exciting”

Dana White explains why the UFC is better than boxing: “We are fun and exciting”

White recently explained why he thinks the UFC is the best combat sports program out there . In his opinion, his promotion offers the most entertaining events thanks to high-level battles and unexpected surprises.

In his recent appearance on THE FIGHT podcast with Teddy Atlas he showed what he likes about the UFC and what he hates about current boxing events.

“ Every week fights are organized with the best against the best . And many times, the great underdogs of the sport win, ”White said in THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas. “ What makes this sport fun [and] exciting . You have those ‘good heavens’ moments. Most importantly, it also makes gambling a lot of fun. ”

White ranted about the flaws he sees in boxing. He said he is “brutally honest” about the sport, as it is something he enjoys. After all, he found time for Canelo Alvarez’s most recent bout as he faced UFC 268 on television in November . White has also shown interest in promoting boxing.

In his recent interview, the UFC president said that he has not given up on the Zuffa Boxing project , something he has joked about for years. In ranting about boxing, he claimed that promoters are not focused on entertaining fans.

“Every time they organize a fight it’s like a ‘bankruptcy’ sale. ‘How much can we steal from everyone? And every time you turn off the TV , it bothers you that you stayed home watching the fight . You wish you had done something else, “White said.

Although boxing has its problems, the UFC is not a flawless product, either .

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