Editing with David Jimnez and several of his analyzes on social networks

Sand became famous for his analyzes on Twitter And now, two years after starting that task, one of the best teams in the world has signed him up as a key part of its staff. We talk about David Jimnez (@v1dnez) that has more than 7,000 followers on the bird network and that, from this week, he exercises as Data Analyst en el UAE Team Emirates.

“It is a position that does exist in football and basketball but is not common in cycling. No structure of the World Tour (the First Division) has someone like that because it is a job that is usually carried out by the team managers themselves.“, Jimnez himself tells MARCA.

This 36-year-old civil engineer born in Antequera but residing in Granada does not give credit for everything that is happening to him. “A few years ago I did not imagine something like this, but it is also true that in recent times I have received offers from various teams.Matxin, the director of the UAE, I’ve been talking since last year. After the Giro he proposed it to me. He told me about his project, how he had built the campus and assembled the pieces … I did not hesitate to choose “, explains a specialist famous for doing two types of analysis on social networks.” On the one hand I speak of tactical analysis and on the other, I make graphs with results and data of interest that, luckily, have been well accepted “.

You now have a much more ambitious task. “They have signed me to try to make the team achieve more triumphs. My strength is the ability to observe. I watch the race, I write down things and when I finish I review everything to draw conclusions. I think that where I can contribute the most is when it comes to achieving triumphs in the volatas. I observe a lot the behavior of the rivals in those last meters and there, knowing the characteristics of our runners, we can apply several studies to achieve more successes “.

It has not landed on any structure. The UAE has Pogacar, winner of the Tour, and just signed a Hirschi which was the sensation of the peloton in 2020. “It is fortunate to work alongside champions of his stature. I usually develop my duties from home, but also be present in some races. Now, putting together the performance data we have inside, we can expand our study objective. If, thanks to me, we managed to win one more victory in the Tour, I would be satisfied, “says someone who has been given the freedom to continue carrying out their analysis on social networks” although now they are reduced by circumstances of the script. ”

Hirschi’s curious welcome video to the UAE: “They say the Swiss are always on time …”

Jimnez is aware that his is a movie story: from the networks to being part of one of the best teams in the world thanks to a handful of worked tweets.

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