Liberators cup

Claudinho, the great Brazilian scorer of the Red Bull group

Claudinho has grown unstoppably in the Brasileirao and he has already positioned himself as the top scorer of the tournament with 17 goals in 31 games played just on the day he celebrated 100 games with Bragantino. In the last seven games he has scored seven goals and, largely, thanks to his performance, the team you even have options to dispute the Liberators cup. The paulista painting is in the hands of the group Red Bull and it would not be surprising if the attacker reached Europe, to any of the teams that runs the energy drink brand or at least to achieve an interesting figure for its transfer.

Despite his scoring figures, Claudinho it is far from a nine. Where it performs best is in the second line, an area in which it can accelerate, overflow, generate imbalance and look for companions or finish. However, little by little he has advanced his position given the ease he has shown to see the door. Even so, the superiority it shows today allows it to appear in more remote sectors.

He is a very fast player, with a start very difficult to stop in which the ease with which it is to drive the ball always hitting your foot is striking. Already in the final meters he has left definitions of all the colors, some of them enormous difficulty.

Although he is right-handed, he also uses his left foot to a high level to overflow and even assist, making it difficult to defend in any sector of attack. In this edition of Brasileirao He already has six goal passes, which shows his influence on the offensive of Bragantino.

Claudinho has had a late burst. Only in the last season did he start to attract attention with the 10 goals that helped the promotion, just a few months after Red Bull took over the club. Before, he had gone through several lower-level clubs like Ponte Black o West after not having opportunities in Santos, where it was formed, or Corinthians, who signed him when he was just a youth with enormous potential.

At the moment Transfermarkt He values ​​it at just 950,000 euros, but given the explosion of the game and goals that he has shown, it will be a matter of time before that valuation is multiplied.

Melissa Galbraith
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