Chris Paul excited about the special format of the All-Star Game

Chris Paul excited about the special format of the All-Star Game

Chris Paul is what is called an “Old Fox” of the NBA: a player with a lot of experience and intelligence who knows all the scenarios and who takes advantage of his competitors for his intellect and for everything he learned in so many years in the league: The Phoenix Suns guardhas been there for 16 seasons .

The Phoenix Suns guard, who will play his eleventh all-star game this Sunday, declared that he likes the format of the All-Star Game with the use of Elam Ending in the fourth quarter, something that he experienced on the court last year. spent in Chicago and recommended to the NBA.

When it comes to the All-Star Game , CP3 knows what he’s talking about. This Sunday in Atlanta he will participate in the All-Star game for the eleventh time , something that fewer than 40 players have achieved in the history of the NBA: its first edition was in 2008 against names like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson and this year he will compete with youngsters like Zion Williamson and Jayson Tatum.

So your opinion is well authorized to qualify for the special format that this year will be repeated in 2020 to define the winning team of the match : instead of a traditional 12-minute last quarter, it will be played without a game time clock, but with both teams fighting to be the first to reach a target score that will be determined by the points of the team that leads at the end of the third quarter + 24 units in tribute to Kobe Bryant .

This system is an adaptation of the Elam Ending created by Nick Elam that began to become popular in the American competition “The Basketball Tournament” , and from there it caught the eye of CP3, the president of the NBPA ( NBA Players Association), who is a fan of hers and who lived it last year on the track in Chicago, being one of the five Team LeBron players who won the victory.

“John Muger and the TBT people are friends of mine. I had the opportunity to be a coach at TBT, I’m a fan of TBT, so I spoke to Adam (Silver) ‘Hey, this TBT thing is cool, maybe it would be cool to introduce it in the All-Star Game . ‘ Last year everyone was a little skeptical watching the game, not sure how it would turn out. I wasn’t sure, it was something to try to make the game more exciting . Last time it was a lot of fun to watch the game. competition and finish the game with a successful shot, not running out the clock. Someone has to make a free throw, a shot to win . It worked last year and we’ll see what will happen this year, but it’s always great to introduce new things to the sport. “CP3 told at a press conference before the All-Star Game.

Nikola Jokic , Chris Paul’s teammate last year, said it was CP3 in 2020 who told the team “Let’s get smarter and win this match” in the fourth quarter. “At the end of the day you want to win the game, that’s what we played for. That was the fun, seeing everyone focused, having the 10 best players in the world on a court trying to win a match. It was interesting, “ commented Jokic.

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