Chiefs vs Bengals coverage LIVE | NFL Week 17

Chiefs vs Bengals coverage LIVE | NFL Week 17

Two of the most stoned teams in the NFL meet this afternoon, the Bengals host the Chiefs in a playoff-flavored game

Chiefs vs Bengals LIVE: Week 17 NFL

1Q 2:13 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE BENGALS | Ja’Marr Chase spares after a 72-yard pass from Joe Burrow and Cincinnati appears in the game and on the scoreboard | Chiefs 14-7 Bengals

1Q 2:50 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE CHIEFS | Travis Kelce caught Mahomes’ second TD pass (3 yards) to get within two touchdowns | Chiefs 14-0 Bengals

1Q 9:26 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE CHIEFS | Patrick Mahomes finds Demarcus Robinson on a 29-yard pass to open the scoring | Chiefs 7-0 Bengals

Kick off the game at Paul Brown Stadium !!

Two weeks remain in the NFL regular season. With their eyes on the playoffs, the Chiefs and Bengals meet this afternoon in what looks like an early playoff game. Seeded as number one in their respective divisionals are two postseason guests who will seek to make history.

The Kansas franchise had a terrifying start in the league , it was even thought that for a moment they could be out of the fight for the Super Bowl , and that the era of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid was over.

They had another to say. With the first in the American Conference, and a record of 11-5, the Chiefs add eight wins in a row and are broad candidates to reach the Vince Lombardi game for the third consecutive year .

Joe Burrow and the Bengals seek the playoffs

One of the most pleasant surprises of the year has been the Bengals. Commanded by Joe Burrow , who last year suffered a terrible injury that even questioned his continuity as an NFL player.

A little over a year after that terrible moment for the player, Burrow has led the Cincinnati team to the top of the AFC North , with a 9-6 record, and a victory would give them the division title, a championship that did not they have been earning since 2015.

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