Chicago White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks announced that he has cancer

Chicago White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks announced that he has cancer and will start treatment to fight it

Hendriks did not reveal the phase in which the cancer is located but said that this Monday he will begin his treatment

Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendriks announced this Sunday that he suffers from cancer of the Hodgkin lymphoma type, so he will start treatment to combat the disease and be able to say present on the opening day of the 2023 MLB season.

Through a publication on his Instagram account, Hendriks explained in detail what the diagnosis he received from the doctors was and assured that although it was impressive to receive the news of his cancer, he will fight with everything to recover 100%.

“He was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Hearing the word ‘cancer’ came as a shock to my wife and I, as it does to millions of families every year. However, I am determined to take on this battle and overcome this new challenge with the same determination that I have used when I have encountered other obstacles in my life, “explained the pitcher.

In the same way, he pointed out that this Monday he will begin treatment and for this he will have the support not only of his family but also of the entire White Sox organization.

“My treatment starts tomorrow and I am confident that I will make a full recovery and be back on the mound as soon as possible. I know that with the support of my wife, my family, my teammates and the Chicago White Sox organization, along with the treatment and care of my doctors, I will be able to get through this,” he added.

For his part, the general manager of Chicago, Rick Hahn, released a statement in which they supported Hendriks at all times and was optimistic about his return to the Major Leagues.

“I know that the entire Chicago White Sox organization, our staff, teammates, and certainly White Sox fans, are going to come together to support Liam and Kristi (his wife) over the next few months. We are optimistic that he will return to pitching for the White Sox as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to support our partner and his family as they face this challenge, while respecting his privacy,” Hahn said.

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