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Celta will stretch Baeza’s trick until June

The only footballer who this season has joined Celta through a transfer He will complete his first campaign in Vigo with a federation status as a subsidiary player. Miguel Baeza You will not be entered with the first team during the winter market. Although Eduardo Coudet had requested it, at A Sede they will extend this situation until June to save salary limit.

He Cordovan playmaker be part of the first squad for all purposes, except in the question of the token. For that reason, the dorsal 27. Taking advantage of his age (20 years), the Olívico club registered him with the subsidiary during the summer after paying 2.5 million euros to Real Madrid for 50% of his rights.

The trick was explained by Felipe Miñambres last October, at the close of the summer market: “You have a salary limit for the first team and another for B. We in the subsidiary had that margin, but not in the First team.” The Celtic sports director also pointed out regarding the situation in Baeza that “We could have changed it because there were 20 minutes left when Vadillo left. The boy doesn’t care, he knows he’s a first team player ”.


The execution of this procedure, which according to Miñambres can be carried out in less than half an hour, would be well received by Coudet. The Chacho He regretted during Celta’s participation in the Copa del Rey that he was limited when making the line-ups because he ran the risk of breaking the rule of keeping seven players with a professional record on the pitch.

Photo by Miguel Baeza Pérez

A case similar to that of Baeza is that of the central José Fontán, while the rest of the players with a subsidiary file who are in the dynamics of the first team –Sergio Carreira, Gabri Veiga, Miguel Rodríguez, Lauti, Alfon and Jordan Holsgrove– Yes, they are available to Onésimo Sánchez, Celta B’s coach, to participate in Second B matches.

“It would be very good for us to have two more players with a record from the professional group. I’d give us two more places to rotate. It would be very good for us, ”Coudet said on December 29. East Argentine Christmas wish will not come true.

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