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Marc-André ter Stegen’s exhibition against Real Sociedad in the Spanish Super Cup or the Alisson and Anfield has opened a wide debate as to who is the best goalkeeper in the world right now. It is a complicated debate and clearly open to interpretation. There is a wide shortlist of goalkeepers deserving of that award. Each one has its merits and its imperfections. Some will generate discordant voices. There will also be notorious absences. Typically, each fan has a different name at the top of their list. Casillas revolutionized social networks when he was a pollster and asked for help in choosing the best goalkeeper. He was criticized for leaving some names out.

Manuel Neuer.

The truth of the matter is that by numbers and titles the best in the world is Manuel Neuer. In the past 2020 there has been no better goalkeeper than him. Lhe International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) chose Manuel Neuer as the best goalkeeper of the last year 2020. Jan Oblak was the finalist. His fifth award after the four between 2013 and 2016 and equaling the five consecutive of Iker Casillas (2008-2012). In addition, the German was champion of the Champions League and the Bundesliga. And if that was not enough the IFFHS itself has just chosen him as the best goalkeeper of the decade (2011-2020) ahead of Buffon and Courtois. Do not forget among his achievements the The Best award that is considered the best goalkeeper in the world in 2020 by FIFA. A unanimity of awards that does not have the support of the public, that has other favorites.

Alisson Becker (Liverpool, 28 years old)

The Liverpool goalkeeper is the head of the Brazilian national team. Champion of the Champions in 2018. He is the second goalkeeper for whom the most expensive trapaso was paid (€ 62.5 to Roma). Sober under sticks, he has given security to the always questioned goal red. Very large and very agile to go to the balls from low. European goalkeeper style. This Sunday he was huge against United.

Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid, 28 years old)

Photo de Courtois

The Belgian has been considered, from a very young age, a privileged one for the goal. Qualities are not lacking: a great wingspan not at odds with good agility under the sticks. More than remarkable in one-on-one, although he is not an accomplished specialist, if he covers a lot of goal with his almost two meters tall and his long arms. He does not hesitate to go fast down.

David de Gea (Manchester United, 30 years old)

Photo de De Gea

Sometimes very questioned, he is already a Manchester United legend. Exchange incredible stops within the reach of very few (this same weekend to Thiago), with childish mistakes. Highly valued his own style of putting his legs out to avoid goals, remembering handball goalkeepers. It is more about rejecting than stopping. I feel more comfortable that way. The Spanish has always stood out for his magnificent reflexes. It seems that he covers little goal but has a powerful jump.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan, 21 years old)

Photo by Gianluigi Donnarumma

He is the youngest of all. His has always been precociousness and at the age of 16 he was already making his debut in Serie A. And with 17 he already did it in the national team of Italy. Classic Italian goalkeeper. Safe and sober in the small area, very good in the passing game and forceful when it comes to going fast to the forwards. He is not one of the goalkeepers who likes to go out of his area.

Ederson de Moraes (Manchester City, 27 years old)

Ederson Moraes photo

In the shadow of his compatriot Alisson, the Brazilian goalkeeper was chosen by Guardiola to defend his goal. Brave, with great reflections and with personality to play with feet. His way of understanding football matches perfectly with what the Spanish coach asks for, since nor are afraid to leave your area frequently. Stopping penalties is not very good for him.

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham, 34 years old)

Photo of Lloris

The French is world champion with France. Only Courtois kept him from being the best in the world for the IFFHS in 2018. A sober goalkeeper, he has always had to deal with a medium quality goalkeeper band when the truth is that he has been at a high level for several seasons. Remarkable in all respects.

Keylor Navas (PSG, 34 years old)

Photo by Keylor Navas

The Costa Rican defends the PSG goal. Winner of three consecutive Champions League with Real Madrid, and finalist last year with the French club, was not selected among the candidates for The Best Award for best goalkeeper of 2020. Agile, with feline reflexes and capable of making impossible stops. Not even in his best moments with Real Madrid has he had the public consideration he deserves for his work under the sticks. Always against the current.

Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich, 34 years old)

Photo de Neuer

The oldest goalkeeper of all. Considered by specialists, the best goalkeeper of 2020. Designated the best goalkeeper in the world for five times and winner of the World Cup in 2014. Since his transfer to Bayern Munich in 2011, he has been at the top. He went through difficult moments due to problems in one hand but returned by his own privileges. Very good at one on one, covering a lot of goal. Well overlooked and safe in the small area. Very complete goalkeeper.

Jan Oblak (Atlético de Madrid, 28 years old)

Photo of Oblak

Share generation with other great goalkeepers on this list. The Atletico Slovenian has made a name for himself with his totally brutal performances. He does not have a lot of work throughout the matches with his club but when he does, he solves it with some stratospheric stops. Life insurance for any team. Make no mistakes.

Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona, ​​28 years old)

Photo de Ter Stegen

Neuer’s substitute in the German national team, he does not detract in anything to his compatriot. He has been the savior of Barcelona for a long time. Very good in hand-to-hand with rival forwards. His style is very recognizable: he almost never goes to the ground; great placement and a worked way to cover spaces. It becomes a difficult wall to beat. He is an accomplished specialist in stopping penalties.

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