Bruno Fernandes gives the finishing touch to Liverpool and puts Manchester United in the round of 16

Bruno Fernandes gives the finishing touch to Liverpool and puts Manchester United in the round of 16

The ‘Classic’ of ‘football’ did not disappoint. Manchester United have beaten Liverpool (3-2) and advance to the FA Cup round of 32 after a vibrant match that had it all. Salah opened the can at 18 ‘, but Greenwood (26’) and Rashford (48 ‘) rallied for the’ Red Devils’. Salah was the same again at 58 ‘, but Bruno Fernandes, from a foul, scored the winning goal in 78’. Spectacular.

Both Solskjaer and Klopp were allowed certain ‘licenses’ in two eleven full guarantees. The ‘ManU.’ gave De Gea and Bruno Fernandes layoffs to introduce Dean Henderson and Donny van de Beek. The ‘Pool’, weighed down by the losses in defense, guarded Man and strengthened the ‘wide zone’ by lining up Curtis Jones and Milner alongside Wijnaldum and Thiago Alcntara.

Manchester United-Liverpool had nothing to do with Premier Liverpool-Manchester United (0-0) seven days ago. Their plan was immediately apparent: the ‘ManU.’ gave the ball to the ‘Pool’ to run and attack the back of the wings. With that ‘recipe’ they arrived at 10 ‘and 13’ Mason Greenwood’s first two occasions.

In 18 ‘, however, the’ spirit of the champion ‘appeared. Firmino went down to receive between the lines and taking advantage of the passivity of Pogba and McTominay filtered a pass into space between Lindelof and Shaw that ‘caught’ Salah to beat Henderson overhead with his right hand, his ‘bad’ leg. All a relief for the ‘reds’, who came from four Premier matches without scoring.

But the real problem of Liverpool is behind. Van Dijk’s injury has done a lot of damage and United’s 1-1, at 18 ‘, once again showed that fragility. Pogba recovered, he broke the Rashford defense with an extraordinary change of game and Mason Greenwood, this time yes, outplayed Alisson in heads-up.

Rashford was’ on fire ‘from the left side and in the 27’ he returned to hand in hand with Van de Beek, who did not take advantage of it. Pogba also tried his luck with a couple of shots from mid-range, but the 1-2 did not arrive until 48 ‘and was signed by Rashford after another electric play. Cavani recovered, Greenwood leaked, Rhys Williams punting failed and ‘ManU’ youth squad. he vindicated himself in the momentary absence of Bruno Fernandes.

Liverpool advanced the pressure and obtained dividends in the 59 ‘, after a bad exit of the’ red devils’. Milner intercepted Cavani’s poor delivery, combined with Firmino, Milner himself let her pass and Salah hit Henderson with his left foot between the legs.

Solskjaer immediately moved his card to give Fred and Bruno Fernandes a ticket at 65 ‘. A double change that, in the end, was vital. When Liverpool were at their best, in 78 ‘, Cavani made up a foul and Bruno Fernandes did not forgive. The Portuguese international overcame the crowded barrier of the ‘reds’ with a shot to the stick from Alisson. The Brazilian took a wrong step and paid dearly.

The ‘ManU.’ took the ‘Classic’. The ‘red devils’, leaders in Premier, are back. In fact, the injury could have been greater if the post had not deflected a Cavani header in the 89th minute.

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