Borja Galán:

Borja Galán: “They educate you to be a head, but you can be important in many ways”

Does everything look a little better after finally getting a win?

We hardly even remembered. It is a much happier week, with enthusiasm and desire. Seeing that the goal is possible, but we need the following three points to believe it.

Another final awaits in Ferrol

Yes, it is a very important match. They are all very important, final, and this is more of the same. Winning is really getting hooked on the positions above, not doing it is staying in no man’s land. We are aware of it.

In Guijuelo’s victory there were many things. From being able to sentence comfortably to end up suffering against ten

Yes, we had chances to win by more than one goal that we didn’t take advantage of. And it usually happens in football, I don’t know why, but always the team that has many chances to score and doesn’t do it, ends up suffering. I guess because of the fear or fear of losing those points that you have deserved the whole game. Luckily we didn’t lose them.

Part of the fault was his, with a clearance in the plate to avoid the draw that was almost worth a goal.

It was a very fast action, I don’t even know how I got it. I jumped with everything because I saw that the rival was coming to finish. I thought it might blow me up, but I went for the ball and managed to clear it.

“The future is unpredictable. Last year I got up on January 31 at the Depor and ended up at night in Santander”

He had few minutes, but in addition to that key clearance he forced the expulsion of a rival. How do you carry the substitution?

The truth is that I am very well, eager to help the team. I feel important. The players come from below educated to be starters, if you are not, you cannot contribute or help, but you can be important in many ways. Just before the game I had a conversation with the coach and he made me see how important it was to him. That now he was not entering as a starter but that he trusts me to death. If he gives me those final minutes, which is when things are decided, it is because he trusts me. Luckily I was able to restore that trust to him. We always value being a starter, but everything that is playing is important.

Does it cost to change that chip that everything happens to be a holder?

It’s hard. You always see that great footballers are headlines and you want to be too, of course. But there are moments in the career of a player in which you are not a starter and you have to assume it in the best way. Help the team for five minutes, half an hour or ninety. It is a mental effort that you have to do because we all like to see each other from the beginning. But I think that many things can be contributed by entering from outside.

What does De la Barrera demand of you to improve and what do you demand of yourself to improve?

In that conversation I had with the coach, he conveyed his total confidence in me. Right now I mark myself as an improvement that those minutes I may have to do well to make them 20, then 80 and then 90. I think I have the capacity to do it and I have to demand myself to do it. If I saw that I don’t have the capacity, I would set other goals for myself, but I think I can be decisive for the team.

How is the team improving collectively?

I think there is an improvement and we notice it, we are more of a team. But this is not the time to decorate things with words, you have to do it in the green. I am sure that on Saturday we will take another step forward. Mentally, it has freed us a lot to feel that we are capable of winning again. That we are capable of scoring a goal and generating many chances, even though we only scored one goal. The worrying thing is when you don’t create chances and you see yourself far from the goal.

The last one before Lara al Guijuelo was his at Celta B, but it was not worth adding …

Yes, back in December. It has been a long time since we scored, they are not good numbers, it is reality. We have turned it around and let it continue on Saturday to give us points.

Against Racing he will meet Cristóbal Parralo, a very important coach in his career

I have a lot of affection for Cristóbal. He has been a vital coach in my career. Here at Depor, at Fabril, at Alcorcón and again at Racing. He was the coach who took me to professional football, I will be eternally grateful to him, but on Saturday I hope he does not win. Then do your best.

And also former teammates

Yes, there is Quique Fornos and David Rodríguez, with whom I met at Racing Santander. It’s football. When you’ve been around for a few years, you’re making friends everywhere and it’s nice to meet people you appreciate. But it does not go beyond the initial greeting. We all want to win and in that there are few friends.

That Fabril de Cristóbal had an enormous season in Second B, much better than he is now. What was done well and what is done wrong now?

They are different situations. We were a young team without any pressure. We played to enjoy ourselves, now at Depor it’s totally the opposite. We have a need and urgency for the results. If something has to be brought from that Fabril, it is to try to enjoy and play without that pressure. Surely that way the results come more naturally.

“Cristóbal has been a vital coach in my career, he took me to professional football and I will be eternally grateful”

It does not seem easy, from there to the end they have four finals left.

Not sure, now there’s not much to think about. You have to win, win and win again. We must stop being afraid, we do not have a safety net. We must know that each positive result brings you closer to the next.

Do you really see it possible to finish in the top three?

Yes of course. Right now it is our goal and that is what we focus on. The first obstacle is Racing de Ferrol and if we win, we will surely see everything closer.

How have you experienced everything that happens in the club from above with the changes of coaches and presidents?

Between the Fabril stage and now I have been at the club for almost five years and I have had four or five presidents and six or seven coaches. It is clear that this uncertainty does not help, but we cannot control it. We have to train well, forget about it and if you play, do your best. We have to focus on that and forget about external rolls.

You have another year left on your contract. How do you look to the future?

Football has shown me that no matter how much you plan, the future is unpredictable. Last year I got up on January 31 as a Depor player and without the intention of changing the scene and ended up in Santander at night on loan to Racing. It doesn’t do us good to think beyond the next game, we can’t control the rest.

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