Bordalás changes the drawing and the shapes

Bordalás changes the drawing and the shapes

José Bordalás has had a week to spin around his new Getafe. The signings of Aleñá and Take Kubo have meant a leap in quality and not only imply that, but for both players to start, the technician will change the drawing and equip your team with other weapons. The 4-4-2 immovable for years turns into a 4-2-3-1, the preferred system of the Alicante until his stage in the Coliseum where he has joined several high-level rams.

There will be more quality and less muscle. Possession will no longer be a problem and the pressure will not necessarily be as high. Small details that were already seen in the Elche party. Several players will change their role in the team. The new ones have a preferred location and an alternative. Aleñá will be half tip with possibilities to play as a midfielder. Kubo will be right winger and circumstantially he will play inside as second point.

Some other players see their role and position on the team varied. Nyom stops being titular as a right inside to be the substitute for Damián and Olivera to cover any of the sides. Portillo is reborn with options to play in any of the positions behind the forward. Without being a starter, he will regain weight in the team. Cucho will be the alternative for the bands, Maksimovic and Arambarri will do a more tactical job without so much wear and tear and Cucurella will play more freed from defensive tasks. Ünal, Mata and Ángel will play a square for now, so the competition will be fierce.

Many novelties with a two-piece movement. Aleñá and Kubo have signed to be important players in the second part of the championship. That one was a starter in the first game and the other played half an hour without having trained before with his teammates shows it.

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