Bomb deactivated: Irving and Durant gave the OK to the signing of Harden

Bomb deactivated: Irving and Durant gave the OK to the signing of Harden

NBA The Rockets consulted them before hiring him

Ehe general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, Sean Marks, made it clear that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving gave their OK to the signing of James Harden and ensured that both are willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary on the field for the good of the team. They are convinced, according to him, that together they will relaunch the options to the ring of the New York set.

Marks admitted that he consulted the two stars of the franchise when Nets they began to move quickly to try to get hold of ‘La Barba’. “I was picking up his thoughts and I really wanted to hear what his commitment was going to be, what his conviction was. “he said at a press conference. “And I enjoyed hearing that conviction from both. Now we have some time to see how it translates on the court. ”

Harden, which was scheduled to land yesterday in New York, will be at the disposal of the Nets and he will be able to play as soon as he and all the other players involved in this transfer between both teams have passed the mandatory medical examinations. There is excitement to see how the three stars complement each other on the court and how their personalities and egos will mesh.

Marks said that the important thing is that they work on the court and according to what they Harden e Irving that’s also the goal of both of them, who see it as possible: “At the end of the day, that’s what we needed to hear,” said Marks. “That’s the level of sacrifice and these guys know it.. Each of these guys is capable of leading a team, of being the star player on a team. And there will be nights when everyone has that opportunity. Maybe two or all three will have that chance on any night. “.

Coupling must take place progressively during the matches. Marks He said he relies on Harden’s previous connections with his teammates from Brooklyn for make faster the process. Durant and Harden they played together in Oklahoma, and ‘La Barba’ coincided with Jeff Green in the Thunder and in the Rockets.

In the Nets does not worry about the rebellious posture that Harden with the Rockets this season, nor his crack last Wednesday after ensuring that the Rockets “they just aren’t good enough” and “It’s something that I don’t think can be fixed”. Marks revealed what the six-time All-Star told him: “I want to win. What I want is to win.”

Marks said he feels like Durant, Irving and Harden They have given “the correct answers” to the unknowns that could be in the locker room with three roosters of that level and the basketball they could do. “They said, ‘Hey, we want to play together,'” he said. Marks. “Each one will have their own role, but I think they understand that there will certainly be some nights where one or two need to sacrifice for the other and so on. I think everyone is looking for a common goal … We all seek that common goal. ”

That goal is to win a championship, and do it soon. As part of the agreement to get Harden, Brooklyn won’t control any first-round picks for the next seven years. Some compare this to 2013 when the Nets mortgaged their future on draft picks to get Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. However, the Nets at that time they did not have a player type Durant on your computer.

That is a handicap that the New York franchise is not concerned about right now: “We are not bankrupt at this time”, said Marks. “There are still several ways to build, and we will continue to build with or without the selections we have or not. We have to take advantage of what we have in front of right now “.

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