Beckham wants to make room for Luis Suarez

Beckham wants to make room for Luis Suarez

Inter Miami had a disappointing final participation in the MLS league. Beckham’s franchise finished 11th out of 14 in the Eastern Conference. A very poor performance that his franchise players could not improve.

Neither Matuidi nor Higuaín were able to give the team that jump in quality that is expected in the so-called designated players, the footballers that each team can select to grant them a salary above the salary limit. The stars that have to make a difference, to better understand each other.

Now, Matuidi has finished his contract and Inter Miami has not secured his renewal. He could leave the team and free up one of the franchise player spots.

The Sun explains that, although it would not be the January market for now, the movement, the departure of Matuidi, would obey Beckham’s intention to make room for another superstar.

One of those that is marked in red by the American franchise is that of Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan has received several calls in recent weeks. His contract at Atlético ends and he will soon decide his future.

Inter Miami is interested. There are also proposals from other latitudes of the planet. In Asia, the situation of Suárez has generated interest. When Beckham agreed to become the majority shareholder of Inter Miami, he did so with the intention of making it a reference in MLS and using his name to attract great players with a long history in Europe.

Matuidi, 34, is on the starting ramp and in Miami it is considered that the Frenchman’s was a wrong investment on the part of the franchise owner.

Melissa Galbraith
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