In the last hours it was confirmed that the footballer Emanuel Bebelo Reynoso, former Boca player and who currently plays for Minnesota United of Major League Soccer in the United States, got his bail back.

This was indicated by the District II Prosecutor’s Office, turn I, in charge of Milagros Gorgas, who in the first instance had considered the arrest of the Cordoba soccer player.

It was ordered that “Emanuel Reynoso regains his freedom prior to establishing that the conditions of assurance are in place for the process that is instructed against him. For this, the prosecution met with the victims and their legal representatives, establishing the necessary measures for their protection,” said the first part of the statement.

Remember that the athlete was accused of having attacked a minor with a firearm within the framework of a pitched battle produced during a party in the area known as “Chinatown.” As detailed by the prosecution, the former Talleres midfielder attacked a young man with the butt of a pistol, causing serious injuries to his face.

Gorgas requested his arrest given the chance that Reynoso would try to interfere in the case, either because of his economic power to seek to change testimonies or because of intimidation of the victims.

“The criminal case continues to be processed and there is no planned procedural act that requires Reynoso’s physical presence, so his appearance is no longer immediately essential. Notwithstanding, to guarantee the continuation of the case, conditions have been imposed both in relation to the approach to the place and the people involved in the incident,” revealed the prosecution.

In addition, the authorities confirmed the payment of one million pesos to ensure compliance with the judicial process.

“At the same time, to guarantee the appearance of the accused before a possible summons that may be formulated, depending on the progress or stage of the process, a real bond has been set up to cover the sum of one million pesos. This is a surety that will only be enforced if Reynoso fails to comply with the commitments he assumes when his freedom becomes effective, without implying an agreement or reparation of any kind. Indicated the prosecution.

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