The irregular presence of Junior de Barranquilla was accentuated with the loss by the minimum, at home, in the classic against Unión Magdalena for the first leg of the BetPlay Cup semifinals. Carlos Bacca, who wasted a penalty in the first half, lamented the current state of the team.

In dialogue with the press, the striker took responsibility for the bad performance of the Rojiblanco: “It hurts us too, we are the first responsible, we are the ones who carry out the actions on the field. It hurts us to have lost the classic against Unión”.

Likewise, he was optimistic about the future: “The good thing is that football gives revenge and in four days it’s our turn against Tolima.” And he added: “There are still 90 minutes left in the series. You have to keep your head down and accept the criticism, as in the days when you do things well and the praise comes.”

However, he lamented the defeat and gave reasons for the negative results of the team: “The last games we have lost at home, I don’t know if it is unfair or not, because football is about small details and moments. moments and we won, with Once Caldas it wasn’t like that and neither was it today”.

In addition, when analyzing the fall in the classic, Bacca explained: “It’s a game that goes wrong, you don’t take the penalty, you miss three or four times. Those are the days when we can keep playing and nothing comes in” . The former Sevilla attacker failed from twelve steps in the first stage and lost the chance to put his team ahead.

Finally, he highlighted: In the second half we tried, we wanted to, but we didn’t have clarity or space to do damage. There are 90 minutes left, we are Junior and we are surely going to fight it.”

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