Attentive Packers and Patriots! NFL could take 2022 draft picks from franchises

Attentive Packers and Patriots! NFL could take 2022 draft picks from franchises

The National Football League (NFL ) does not want to have controversies in what will be the next Draft and at the beginning of January it sent a document to all its franchises to talk about their behavior during this selection process.

According to the memo obtained by the Associated Press (AP), the league will not be afraid to dispense justice if a representative of a team behaves in a ” disrespectful, inappropriate or unprofessional ” way in interviewing prospects. The penalty could fall on other employees as well.

What would be the price to pay? The franchise involved could lose one or more selections between the first and fourth rounds of the Draft, in addition to having to face fines that will have a minimum value of US $ 150 thousand dollars.

More changes in the process

In addition to the potential penalties, which were previously lighter, the NFL also plans to eliminate the Wonderlic test (a cognitive quiz), and change some of the Combine’s drills to put players in situations more similar to what they would face in a match.

For example, now receivers and tight ends will run cross routes instead of the ‘wheel’ route, while running backs will leave the ‘flag’ routes and come out on option plays, most commonly used by coaches in position.

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