“At Barça I had more relationship with some; others were ‘me, me’ …”

“At Barça I had more relationship with some; others were ‘me, me’ …”

Pep Guardiola has granted an interview to ESPN, in which he revealed the relationship he had with the Football Club Barcelona dressing room, something that had not been said so far. According to the coach’s testimony, he did not have an idyllic relationship with all the footballers, because some of them cared more about their well-being than that of the team itself.

“At Barcelona I had much closer relationships with some players than with others because there are many players who think about the common good, and I feel much closer to this type of player than to those who only think ‘me, me, me’. These, when we have to use them, we use them, and when we don’t have to use them, we don’t use them, “he reveals.

In addition, Pep tells how he has lived the direct link with the different squads with whom he has worked in his career as a coach: “Throughout the seasons, relationships with players always leave scars, but also a lot of learning. You learn from everything. But the relationship between the coach and the players depends on them and not on the coach. There are players who deserve to have a close relationship and others a more distant relationship. ”

I had closer relationships with some than with others …

Guardiola and his time at Barça

The football business

The Manchester City manager wanted to explain what football means to him, defining the basics, but giving a business touch: “Soccer is a business that consists of the day the referee whistles and the game starts, you win. Apart from that if we are more or less friends that does not matter. This is a business. And here I am with the aim of getting the best out of the players. They have to play well for the benefit of our club and for the fans to be happy. Having good relationships is great. But for me they are good or bad it is the same because this is a business“.

Changes in English football

The arrival of Pep Guardiola to the Premier League meant the emergence of a coach with a style somewhat removed from what English football is. In fact, ESPN believes that it has completely changed the notion of the game that was had in England. The ex of Bayern or Barça, on the contrary, prefers to stay on the sidelines: “History will judge and tell. I think it would be presumptuous of me to say that we did something different than what was done before. You can say, yes, we did things our way. You can say that for sure. ”

Relationships with players leave scars


Then, then, he tells how he saw English football at the time: “It was very direct, box to box, with many disputes over the ball. We try not to do any of that. That is why I came here. I felt the sensation after the second time we won the Premier that we already did. That we came here for that and we already did it. But when you feel good and believe in yourself and what we do, you think: ‘Why not, why not try to take this further?‘”.

The evolution of football

In recent years, European football seems to be governed by a model based on physique and speed as the most lethal weapons. The technical and tactical preparation is increasing and the power of the clubs is the main difference with respect to their rivals. Guardiola, despite his different style, has also entered that category of cyclone equipment. How is it possible while respecting your own hallmark? This is how he explains it: “Because to play fast, you must first play slow. And to play forward, you must first produce. When you are a little slower, you see things clearer, which makes you internalize certain movements and qualities. Decision-making in the most complicated situations, in the areas, are clearer and sharper. ”

Finally, he recounts current football in a more realistic way: “Of course I would love to do everything at 200 kilometers per hour and score 200 goals in ten minutes, but that is impossible. I like a slower game, not slow, so that at the right time we can better use the qualities of the players. Luckily here in Manchester we have a lot of very good ones. ”

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