Asensio counts for the New Galactic Project

Asensio counts for the New Galactic Project

The Real Madrid keep betting hard on Asensio. At 25 years old, the Spaniard is one of the strategic players for the white entity, which had the vision of recruiting him in 2014 practically free (it cost 3.5 million euros).

In the club they understand that Asensio has fit in that remodeling of the template that is intended, that galactic project in which there are great players who are yet to come and in which, instead, others from the top, such as Benzema The Hazard, they have a shorter trajectory, simply, by age (30 years the Belgian, 33 the French striker).

Asensio has a contract until 2023. Real Madrid renewed him in September 2017 and put a termination clause on him. 700 million, one of the highest in the workforce, as a symbol of the trust they have placed in him.

As this newspaper has learned, there are already several millionaire offers in the last two years that have reached the Bernabeu for him, some of the leading clubs in Europe, and the player’s own agent, Horacio Gaggioli, spoke of quantities: “Between 150 and 180 million”.

But the club always rejected them. Now, a sale is not considered due to the need to collect as it is done with players like Ceballos, Jovic, Isco Or until Early.

Asensio is one of the names that is called to be important in the short term for Madrid, they understand at the club. He continues to be counted on for that future trident that the Mallorcan will have to form together with Haaland and, if it comes within range, the Mbappé.

By now it seems clear that little can be expected from Hazard. The operation on the ankle in which he was already dragging a previous surgery seems to have affected him and, due to age and beyond the fact that it may be important in the next two years, Madrid’s project looks further back in time.

In the club there is a certainty. There will be patience with Asensio. He is one of the players who is being followed closely and, although his numbers this season are not the best (only two goals in 30 games played), it is also valued that it is his first full season after a major injury and knee surgery and it is thought that it is simply a matter of the footballer gaining confidence.

There is Asensio for a while.

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