Anil Murthy comes out of Quarantine for a day in Singapore with Peter Lim

Anil Murthy comes out of Quarantine for a day in Singapore with Lim

Anil Murthy is already in Singapore, on the streets of Singapore. The president of Valencia has spent the 14-day quarantine in a hotel as marked by the sanitary protocol of his country for travelers arriving from Spain (among other countries).

Murthy, who will return to Valencia after the game against Getafe, he has a get together at the end of the week with Peter Lim. Until then, he will continue with the telematic management of the club’s day-to-day activities and will attend to the personal reasons that have motivated his trip to Singapore.

Anil Murthy has not met Peter Lim in person since December 2019. The last time they saw each other was at the Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia on Lim’s last trip to Valencia.

The owner, then, took advantage of his stay in Europe to see the team live in Amsterdam, the day that Celades’ team qualified for the Champions League round of 16, and then against Real Madrid at the Mestalla, their last appearance in the black and white stadium.

After those weeks, the pandemic began to develop and since then neither Lim has left Singapore nor Murthy had traveled to his country.

The agenda of topics to be discussed is wide, although there is a star topic: the Mestalla ATE and the meeting that Anil Murthy will hold on his return to Spain with the president of the Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig.
The appointment, as revealed by Cadena SER, was set at the request of Valencia for the beginning of February, although Murthy’s trip canceled it and as AS reported later, it was postponed for the first week of March.

In this meeting with Ximo Puig, Murthy has to present to the institutions something more than words to leave the Palau with at least the political will to extend the ATE intact.

The ATE expires in May due to non-compliance by the club with a series of milestones and its cancellation would mean economic losses for the Mestalla entity, also complicating the search for a buyer for the plot.

Thus, Murthy has to return from his country with a Lim plan under his arm that guarantees the Generalitat with actions the will to resume the works of the new stadium, a plan that would go through a personal endorsement of the owner that would allow to start the draft awaiting a sale of the plot of the current stadium.

The ATE will be the star topic of the meeting between Lim and Murthy, although they have a lot to talk about.

Everything is said, the victory against Celta de Vigo, which took the black and white six points away from relegation, it gives a break to the sporty aspect and specifically to the immediate future of Javi Gracia.

The club has maintained its confidence in the Navarrese to date, more due to the financial issue of his settlement than due to the harmony between both parties, and with 14 days left before the conclusion of the championship, since the property assumed from the beginning that it was a Transition year in which little could be demanded after letting go of referents in the dressing room, nothing currently suggests a replacement on the bench before the end of the course.

Due to Lim’s way of acting in previous seasons, the owner will already have an outline of the operations to be executed in the next summer market to balance accounts. It also has pending the renovations of Kang-in Lee Y José Luis Gayà.

Valencia, in the summer market, will again face the departure of players with cache that allow them to make cash to compensate for the losses (without an audience due to the pandemic, with less television income due to the League classification and without European competition to play for second year in a row).

Evidently, The specific names will be marked by the market, but Murthy will return with a clear idea of ​​how much Lim wants you to enter through transfers.

Added here is the addition of the credits that the owner has granted to the club and whose recovery he urged to execute next summer as Murthy himself announced at the Shareholders’ Meeting (56 million), some credits that have pledged the rights of eight footballers from the template (whose names have not been made public).

This matter is linked to Social problems that Valencia de Lim has in the city and that can also become legal problems.

In the courts of Valencia, a lawsuit filed against Lim’s management is being studied for, among other points, a “conflict of interest” precisely for said pledged loans, a lawsuit filed by the LibertadVCF platform and which is pending.

It remains to be seen whether the social tension in which the Mestalla entity inhabits implies structural changes in Lim’s organization chart.

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