An emergency measure by FIFA for offside

Arsene Wenger, former coach and current director of world football development, stated that FIFA wants to “automate” offside in 2022. The former Arsenal manager dropped the bomb on this rule that could change football forever, and help to leave no doubt about such controversial plays as Kylian Mbappé’s offside in the Nations League final between France and Spain.

“There are many options that the offside will be automatic in 2022. There is a good chance that this will happen next year. I am obliged to keep it a secret, but it will be the next of the great evolutions of refereeing,” Wenger blurted out at a conference in Paris.

With a date on the table, everything indicates that FIFA is moving forward quickly in this area to try to implement it for the Qatar World Cup to be held in 2022, from November 21 to December 18. Before, it would have to be tested in other tournaments, to be able to officially implement it in the football tournament par excellence.

Melissa Galbraith
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