A jersey represents the identity of the club, its history, its track record, as well as the values ​​it defends. It is also a product that retains the imprint of the partners and the brand of the manufacturer. Each season, the leader of Ligue 1, like the other clubs, improves the rendering and possibly a modification of the manufacturer’s brand if in the meantime there have been changes. This is also the case for the PSG 2022 home shirt, the Nike logo of which has been replaced for the first time by Jordan Brand. Whether it’s the PSG 2022 jersey at home, the one used away, the third or fourth jersey, the PSG 2022 jerseys are rich in color. Decryption!

The colors of the PSG 2022 shirt

It is since 1970 that white, blue and red are present on all PSG jersey collections. Indeed, the presence of these three colors is not trivial. The blue and red represent the city of Paris which has this color code on its flag while the white represents the city of Saint Germain-en-Laye. A color that draws its identity from the monarchy, since the Ile-de-France city housed one of the residences of the Kings of France.

The PSG 2022 home jersey

For home matches, i.e. those played in France and in the presence of supporters, the PSG 2022 jersey meets all expectations by combining style and aesthetics. Before going any further in the description, it seems necessary to start by emphasizing the presence of the Jordan logo on the PSG 2022 Home Shirt.

This is a first for the 4 years of collaboration between PSG and Jordan Brand. Indeed, in the old collections, the Jordan brand only appeared on the third jerseys. In addition, this change is explained by the fact that the PSG 2022 home jersey which was unveiled on May 14, was produced as part of the exclusive partnership linking PSG to the Jordan Brand.

In terms of design and design, the PSG 2022 home shirt retains all the PSG identity colors. More concretely, the basic color of the jersey is a navy blue. The PSG coat of arms and the Jordan logo are placed on either side of the torso on the left and right respectively. In addition, main sponsor ALL – Accord Live Limitless keeps its place right in the center of the jersey. At the same time, the fleur-de-lys, one of the historic symbols of the city of Paris and the club, unfolds majestically on the PSG 2022 jersey.

However, apart from the missing Nike logo, Hechter’s stripe is also not present in the center of the shirt like in previous versions. We will find the famous bands so loved by supporters on the collar and both sleeves. Still at the level of the collar and above the French flag, we can read “PARIS” written in capital letters.

The PSG 2022 away shirt

Released in July 2021, the PSG 2022 jersey has, as usual, white as its base color with a presence of black and pale pink. This choice shocked more than one, because club lovers are more than ever attached to blue, white and red. However, according to Nike and club representatives, there is nothing to get excited about. For them, this new collection of PSG 2022 Away Shirt highlights the classic themes of the club-logo, median stripe, fleur-de-lys and pays homage to Greater Paris.

Besides this choice of colors, you can notice on the front a pattern of asymmetrical bands. A black and thin vertical bar in the middle forming the center of the asymmetry and two rectangles in pale pink color, distributed on both sides of the bar. The asymmetry is also found on the two sleeves with pink on the right and black on the left. This model refers to the classic Hechter stripe. Finally, for the PSG 2022 jersey, the club crest and the Nike logo are placed on the chest in black.

The third PSG 2022 jersey

Unlike the latest third versions, the PSG 2022 Third Shirt features the Nike logo instead of the Jordan crest, but that’s not all there is new. The PSG 2022 Third Kit for this season is mainly in black color, the Nike logo and the club crest are in red. With a black collar, the crest of the PSG 2022 Third Shirt is placed in the middle of the chest, while the Nike logo is on the sleeves.

Inspired by the away shirt of the 1999/2000 season, it has a wide stripe in gray and a sponsor inscription in white. The bottom of this 2022 third jersey consists of black and red shorts, as well as black, white and red socks.

The fourth PSG 2022 shirt

Like the PSG 2022 Home Shirt, the fourth shirt is a Jordan Brand design as a replacement for Nike. This latest model, which was only released in February 2022, will be used towards the end of the year by PSG soldiers. Always true to itself, Jordan Brand has decided to adapt the design codes specific to basketball to those used in the sport of football. The white and blue band present on the collar, on the sleeve edges as well as on the shorts is the perfect example.

If for the supporters, this break with the Hechter gang is an abuse, for the brand house, it is rather a question of a desire to reconcile the different sports while remaining faithful to the history of the club.

White is in the spotlight for the fourth PSG 2022 jersey while the Jordan logo and the sponsor are in blue. In addition, the coat of arms and logo are also present on the shorts of the PSG 2022 jersey.

The PSG 2022 jersey for supporters

Without supporters, clubs will have no reason to exist. This is especially true even for jerseys. If you are a fan of the Parisian club and want to support it, the PSG 2022 jersey is available for you on the official Nike store. Made with a fabric made from recycled polyester fibers and using Dri-FIT technology, this jersey, identical to that worn by the players, facilitates the evacuation of sweat.

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