Alexander denounces that Money has been stolen from his Hotel

Alexander denounces that Money has been stolen from his Hotel

Alexander Gonzalez has made a statement through his Instagram account denouncing the theft of money that he had to “support myself with my family in this city (Malaga) and for rent” during his stay in a hotel in the capital of Malaga.

The Malaga right-back made public in the stories on his Instagram account that he has reported the case to the police, has sought advice from a lawyer and “To this day, the hotel still has no response”.

The full statement released by Alexander González on social networks was as follows:

“I wanted to make this statement to tell you about an unexpected situation. On my arrival in this city I was living in the Ilunion hotel while I could find to rent an apartment to live with my family. I even spent the end of the year in that hotel, since we had just arrived. Days later I’m still looking to rent and one day I came to my room, I was rearranging things and I am about to check the safe that I had at my service and that the hotel has exclusively for its guests. At that moment I realized that all my money was missing, the one I had brought in cash and that it corresponded to support me with my family in this city and for rent.

From this moment a real nightmare began. I had to go to the police, make a complaint, I looked for a lawyer to advise me. Both agree that legally the hotel must answer for the missing money. The hotel saves itself by saying that they must wait for the investigations and it turns out that the investigations cannot advance that far, since the hotel does not have the optimal security to collaborate. The cameras are in a different position than is necessary to observe who entered the room in our absence and took the money.

The hotel, to this day, still does not respond and the truth is that it is a disrespect on the part of this hotel chain and all those who are represented in it. That’s why I want to ask for your help, I never did this but today I need it. They are the ones who should be responsible, that has already been decided, I just want you to help me by sharing this publication in your stories. ”

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