Alcaraz: “I am surprised by how I handled the game”

Alcaraz: “I am surprised by how I handled the game”

Serious enough to have won in three sets with such superiority to his first opponent in a Grand Slam match, Carlos Alcaraz He appeared in the main press conference room and addressed the media in English and Spanish, in person and online. Another new challenge for him.

Sensation: “I am very happy for the victory in my first big. I tried to enjoy the experience and I did.”

The previous: “Yesterday I was relaxed and normal, and this morning I woke up a little nervous. I was also in the warm-up and the first two games, but then I felt very good and everything went well.”

Comparison with Nadal: “I try to be focused on myself, not on social networks, listen to my team, my family, and stay away from what is said and from the comparison with Rafa.”

Match: “I played very well in the first set and he missed a lot of balls. I tried to stay focused all the time. The second set was harder and I tried to relax in the worst moments. I think I did well.”

Carreño: “Pablo Carreño is like a brother to me and he can help me here and in the rest of the circuit. It means a lot that he has seen my game and has supported me.”

What he learns from Nadal: “The intensity with which Nadal trains all the time, how hard he hits the ball, how he concentrates from the first ball to the last ball. That’s a good thing to save.”

First experience: “Having to win three sets to win is new for me. After the first two, the third set was difficult for me to start, something normal because it is my first best-of-five match. It has helped me to gain experience, a lot, because I was focused. all the time. At these levels if you lower the intensity a bit it takes its toll. I think the next one I will be more prepared. ”

Nerves: “I started nervous in the first game and then I let go, I tried to play my game, to be focused on myself. I did well the routines that I have marked and the mental issue I think was fundamental in this game.”

How it feels: “I am surprised and excited. Because I have handled the situation of this match very well, and I was surprised to do so well and so calmly.”

El Grand Slam: “I try to take things naturally. I am new here, I have not played many ATP tournaments and I try to see things in a normal way. Here I am sharing locker room, gym and dining room with the best in the world and I realize what it is when I think coldly, they are the idols I’ve grown up with. ”

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