Red Bull team lesson. Everything indicated that Mercedes was a favorite, that the energy drink cars were in tow, but they had saved an Ace. The strategy was very clear to them. Lap with the soft in Q2 and use Pérez to help Verstappen with the slipstream. Everything went smoothly. Verstappen put Hamilton half a second and left Mercedes out of position, who did not know how to react. Hamilton did not improve and Bottas sank in an inexplicable way (sixth place).

But this classification had more than the Verstappen-Hamilton. Norris reappeared in the Noble Zone a long time later Saturday. Third best time for him. Great Q3 also from Sainz. The Madrilenian, who was not comfortable with the car yesterday, set the fifth fastest time. Again ahead of Leclerc.

The cross was Alonso. He had pace to get into Q3, but Ricciardo bothered him enough not to improve his lap. And the Australian himself was the one who fired him for only 12 thousandths.

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