A skier poses naked in 'Playboy' to

A skier poses naked in ‘Playboy’ to “Raise Awareness” about her Discipline

There are many athletes who have posed for the magazine Playboy, thus betting on giving an unexpected turn to their image. And although this decision can sometimes be controversial (last month, without going any further, cyclist Tara Gins reported having lost a job as a result of having collaborated with this publication), the truth is that it can also function as one more advertising strategy to promote the athlete in question or, simply, their own sport.

Or at least, This is the argument raised by double world champion in ski jumping Juliane Seyfarth. The 30-year-old German stars on the cover of next March’s issue of Playboy of her country, in an attempt, as she herself has specified, to “create awareness” about the modality you practice.

In the main photograph, Seyfarth appears on a beach, against a seabed, and totally naked except for a kind of decorative chain it hangs around your torso and waist. The young woman has confessed on her Instagram account, in which she has shared the snapshot of the cover as an advance, that he hopes the session will be well received by his fans because “it brings positive attention to discipline.”

Likewise, the skier has been very satisfied with the result of the entire creative process: “It has been a great adventure and I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity and for the great images”. Furthermore, Seyfarth has compared ski jumping and nude photography, calling both “a kind of art” and explaining that both one thing and the other they give you “a feeling of freedom.”

And for now, it seems that his followers have approved his collaboration with the medium. “A very beautiful photo”, “Just perfect”, “Really great”, “Very beautiful. Great job. The first photos I have seen are beautiful, impressive and so magical”, you can read in the comments of the post.

Melissa Galbraith
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