A match stopped in Logrono by a Squeeze from the Goalkeeper

A match stopped in Logrono by a Squeeze from the Goalkeeper

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Globe Live Media, Monday, January 25, 2021

Every weekend, modest football leaves in our country an unlikely goal, a Maradonian move, a grotesque mistake, some other fight and really striking images. This day was not going to be less. In the Honor Division match between the quarries of UD Logrones and CD Pamplona, ​​the duel was interrupted for a few minutes by.. A squeeze from the visiting goalkeeper!

The goalkeeper felt an urgent need to go to the service in the middle of the game, to the disbelief of those present. At that time, and due to the strange situation, the referee adopted a measure that could hardly be seen in professional football. The referee decided to stop the game until the goalkeeper could return to the field. Of course, he added lost time later.

The anecdote was told by Logrones himself on his social networks and had many more interactions than usual. He even shared the comment of a fan, joking with what happened. Later, the first team, currently in the Second Division, shared the tweet at the end of the match, although not the funny event. The match ended with a 1-1 draw between both teams.

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