With the readily available online casinos, players can now conveniently try out more games. The beauty of online casinos compared to land-based casinos is that you get a massive games collection, different perks, and the convenience of taking your casino wherever you go. With qh88, for instance, you can utilize the bonuses to risk-free try new games such as virtual horse racing. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are the basics to get you going.

Virtual horse racing feels and looks like wagering on real-life horse races, except for the convenience of doing it in the comfort of your couch, on vacation, or during your lunch break. The visuals are based on real-life horse movements, not forgetting that the events are derived from real-match statistics. The random number draw game lasts a few minutes, but the excitement as you watch the races is quite fulfilling.

Understanding the odds

For you to get the best out of your virtual horse racing betting, you need to have an idea about the odds. The odds are based on the numbers in a draw that represent a particular horse with lower odds meaning that a horse has more numbers. As the same horse cannot finish first and second in a single draw, each number can only be drawn once.

Horse racing bet types

Virtual horse racing provides three standard bet types as seen below.


Place/win virtual horse racing bet provides different options. In this bet, you can wager on a particular horse to win (winner). Another option involves choosing a horse to be placed either first, second, or third. If you feel like the horse won’t make it to the first three, you could also wager on the horse to not be placed. You could also wager on a horse not to win the race, known as the lay winner.


Using this option, you can wager on a straight or dual forecast. In a straight forecast bet, you pick the horse that will come first and the one that will be placed second in a single draw. The dual bet, on the other hand, involves wagering on the horses to finish first and second regardless of their position.


Much like a forecast bet, a tricast provides two options. You can either go for a straight tricast where you pick the exact horse to finish first, second and third, or choose a dual tricast where you select the three horses to take the first three positions regardless of the order.

As you practice virtual horse racing, don’t let a few losses derail your efforts. Treat losses as a learning opportunity as you understand the mechanisms and hone your skills. Much like any other online casino gaming, ensure that you play on a reputable qh88 site for a seamless experience.

Learning the ropes in horse racing doesn’t require you to be a genius. All you need is a good strategy, practice, and self-discipline to succeed. Remember to catch some fun, and if you feel overly frustrated by a loss, take a break.

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