The guard Jaylen Brown scored 24 points and led the 107-134 beating that the visiting Boston Celtics gave the Houston Rockets this Sunday, to the they left with the sixteenth loss in a row, the worst losing streak currently in the NBA.

The Celtics (20-18) achieved the fifth victory in the last six games they have played.

Along with Brown, his fellow All-Star, power forward Jayson Tatum had 23 points, six rebounds and six assists, as the second leading scorer.

The contribution in the inside game was made by the young power forward Robert Williams III, who came out of reserve, and got a double-double of 16 points, 13 rebounds, including three defenders, and put up three blocks, with the Celtics.

Point guard Kemba Walker reached 16 points and Canadian power forward Tristan Thompson also excelled in the inside game, grabbing 13 rebounds and scoring eight points.

While the Celtics begin to consolidate their winning game, the Rockets continue to be the reverse of the coin with a roster loaded with injuries and with reaching the second worst losing streak in their history, since in the 1968 season they established the negative mark of 17 defeats in a row.

The Rockets, who haven’t won since Feb. 4, have lost seven straight home games for the first time since the 2006 season.

The Houston team, which had the casualties of the starters, point guard John Wall, guard Eric Gordon and power forward PJTucker, could never compete with the best individual and team game of the Celtics.

Guard Victor Oladipo was the only Rockets starter to respond by contributing 26 points, six rebounds and four assists.

The only positive note for the Houston team (11-26) was the good individual performance that the young rookie once again had, forward Kenyon Martin Jr., who achieved 21 points -the best professional record-, four rebounds and three assists as 6th Rockets player.

While the other rookie, who also came off the bench, guard Mason Jones, contributed 14 points and three assists in just 12 minutes that he was on the Toyota Center track, where he scored 5 of 7 shots from the field, including 4 of 5 from outside the perimeter.

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