The Diriangén of Nicaragua gave the surprise this Tuesday by eliminating at home in the round of 16 of the Concacaf League the defending champion of the contest: the Communications of Guatemala.

This Tuesday’s game at the Cacique Diriangén Stadium in the city of Diriamba (Pacific) ended 1-1 (2-1 overall) in favor of the Nicaraguans, with which they obtained their historic ticket to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League.

The locals, motivated by their fans and by the result in the first leg (0-1), opened the scoring just at minute 7 with a left-footed shot inside the box by Robinson Luis da Silva, after receiving a pass from the sideline right of striker Taufic Guarch.

Communications, which was the reigning champion of the tournament, pressed and in the 14th minute a goal against Luis Ángel Landín was annulled for committing a foul on his rival on the same play.

The match maintained its intensity and in the 42nd minute, Diriangén’s Mexican striker, Luis Ángel Landín, received a ball with his back to the area, turned around, outwitted two defenders and launched a right hand that barely went past the side of the goal. rival.

In the second half, Comunicaciones, which was far from the level that led them to win the Concacaf League last December, which brings together the best clubs in Central America, the Caribbean and Canada, came out with a comeback and almost succeeded.

In the 51st minute, the recently admitted Óscar Santiz received a pass from Stheven Robles and first shot from the left and placed the ball over goalkeeper Justo Lorente, who had come out to close the space.

The current Guatemalan soccer champion, directed by the Uruguayan coach William Coito Olivera, continued in search of the goal that would have given him the pass to the quarterfinals, but they had no aim.

The Diriangén of Nicaragua will face in the quarterfinals whoever prevails in the key between the Municipal of Guatemala and the Honduran Olimpia.

-Data sheet:

1. Communications: Kevin Moscoso; Alexánder Larín, José Corena, José Pinto, Nicolás Samayoa (m.46, Óscar Santis); Stheven Robles, (m.72, Anthony Quevedo), Karel Espino, Andrés Lezcano (m.46, Eliser Quiñónez), José Contreras; Luis Landín (m.66, Brayan Castañeda) and Kevin López.

– Technical director: William Coito Olivera (Uruguayan)

1. Diriangén: Justo Lorente; Francisco Flores, Luis Copete (m.19, Mario Dávila), Erick Téllez, Yohn Mosquera; Jason Coronel, Junior Arteaga (m.77, Pedro dos Santos), Leonel Torres, Robinson Luiz da Silva (m.58, Alexander Zúñiga); Taufic Guarch and Ramiro Peters (d.77, Luis Coronel).

– Technical director: Roberto Chanampe (Argentine)

Goals: 1-0, m.7: Robinson Luiz da Silva. 1-1, m.51 Oscar Santis.

Referee: Randy Encarnación (Dominican Republic). He admonished Stheven Robles and José Carlos Pinto for Communications; and Junior Arteaga, Jason Coronel and Leonel Torres for Diriangén.

Incidents: Second leg of the round of 16 of the 2022 Concacaf League, played at the Cacique Diriangén stadium in the City of Diriamba before some 5,000 fans.

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