[SPOILER]’s Breakdown Becomes a Rallying Point for Hinamizawa

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Satiko’s situation doesn’t look any better in Higurashi Gau. Therefore, his friends take things into their own hands in episode 11.

Warning: The following are spoilers for Higurashi Episode 10: When They Cry – Gau, “Damn Deception – Part 3,” now streaming on Funimation.

Things are looking blurry for Satoko in Episode 11 Higurashi Gau As her uncle’s mistreatment takes more and more of a toll on her well-being. Sato’s friends struggle to help, but thankfully what can happen to Keiichi HigurashiOf Asha’s first big spark.

The episode continues with Satoko’s mental breakdown in class. She is inconsolable until her teacher, Chi, enters the classroom, which sends Satoko back for her cheerful personality. Rika tries to reach Satako after school, offering him to be with her again, but her offer is rejected. Keiichi and the rest of his friends express their inability to help, and meet after class to discuss a plan of action. A disheartened Sharon suggests that the group only got rid of Tepei, noting himself a lack of action from child services. Keiichi opposes the plan, and after a heated exchange, begs the group to go to child services together and Satoko’s case.

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The group meets with a case worker and explains Satoko’s situation, but is met with a tupid response. Although they are painstakingly related to the seriousness of Satoko’s situation, the conversation is nowhere and they leave dissatisfied. Exiled, the group goes back home and Keiichi apologizes for achieving his hopes. Rika confronts Keiichi, begging him to move on and help Satoko. His confidence increased anew, with Keiichi once again holding rallies of his friends.

The next day after school, Keiichi and co. Begs his classmates, asking them to support him in Satoko’s case. They claim that there will be more of an impact on the entire class going into child services, and better to participate in Satoko’s better performance. Her efforts stop, and the rest of her classmates join the cause. As it is happening, Chi looks from outside the classroom. She contacts Rika who tells her to stay out of her way, but instead decides to join her students in their efforts. The group returns to child services and meets a case worker.

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The case worker is much more open about Satco’s case, and reveals that his inability to act is partly due to Tepei’s end with no real record of abuse. Although his wife was considered abusive towards his niece and nephew, Teppei managed to draw attention to himself. Frustrated, the group argues their case but is once again dismissed.

Out back, Reika says that Hinamizawa has a community spirit that makes the village strong. Mion hears a saying indicating the unity of the village, and Keiichi comes to the conclusion that the group needs an even larger number to make their point. The rest of his classmates have vowed to spread the word and continue child services until Satco’s case is resolved. As Reika comments on the group possessing the power to break the cruel cycle of fate, Oishi walks on a road in Hinamizawa as Cissada cries in the air around him.

The arc gets closer to its end as “cursing”, Higurashi: Cow Looks teasing the audience with the most promising approach ever. Already sharing some similarities to the “massacre” arc, no one is telling where things will go from here. Oyoshi’s role in this arc and the ones that follow are one thing worth keeping an eye on. The episode’s ending points towards something ominous, and while it may be just a red herring, he – like Ren – has had his fair share of eye-raising moments so far in the new series.

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