Spider-Man Confirms the Ebony Blade Can KILL Knull

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In Symbot Spider-Man: King in Black # 2, one of Newall’s dark creations confirms that a weapon is capable of destroying the god of symbiosis.

Warning: The following includes spoilers Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black On sale now at # 2 are Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata and VC’s Joe Sabino.

In the “King in Black” event, Newall has finally arrived on Earth, and has captured the entire planet in record time. But the present is not the only era where the dark god of the presence of symbiosis can be felt. In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black # 1, which takes place immediately after the 1984–1985 event series Secret war, Newall’s attack affects the past. Here, one of his dark creations, a shadow creature known as Mr. E, took over the Rencroft Institute in the name of his master.

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Now, in the second issue of the series, Mr. E continues his onslaught in the past – and it is while confronting the Black Knight that the shadow creature confirms that Ebony Blade is a weapon that can kill Newell.

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In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black # 1, Spider-Man wearing a black suit arrived at the Ravencroft Institute to find out that he had been taken in by Mr. E, who turned everyone in the facility into shadow creatures like himself. The superhero took the demon, but thankfully it did not face him alone: ​​the Black Knight rose to the top of his winged horse, and his magical sword, Ebony Blade, proved to have a devastating effect on Mr. E.

Injured, the creature left the fight – and now, in # 2, Spider-Man and the Black Knight set off to find him again. However, they both ended up following him: Spider-Man gets J.J. Joanna Jameson is to be saved in the Daily Bugle, who is under attack from a shadow creature. For the Black Knight, he was recalled to the Avengers Mention by the magician Merlin.

At Avengers headquarters, the Black Knight faces off with Merlin, who is actually Mr. E. Manifests itself. The shadow creature took it as a wizard to trap the Black Knight into a trap.

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The villain is after the Black Knight’s signature weapon, Ebony Blade. The sword is a magical artwork created by Merlin. Its properties allow it to cut through anything, and it is impermeable to other magical attacks. In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black # 1, we saw that Blade was able to injure Mr. E, one of Newell’s creations. This indicated that perhaps the weapon might have an effect on the god of symbiosis – something that Mr. E now confirms in this issue.

Shadow Creature reveals that Newal Abney is in the grip of the blade and that if given the right power upgrade, it could potentially kill a cosmic villain. Mr. E then takes the sword for himself, and stabs the Black Knight with him before disappearing, claiming that he has very special plans for the magical sword.

Now, we know that Mr. E has been in Newall’s service in the past, meaning that it is possible that his mission is to either hide the blade forever, or destroy it if he can. But despite this, although he may be badly injured, the Black Knight is now the only person in the Marvel Universe who knows Newall’s weakness. He needs to somehow convey this message from the past to the present or bring back his sword and join the fight.

Luckily, the time-traveling Kang arrives at the end of the issue to save the Black Knight – and with the Avengers villain participating in the same fight against Newell, he can help Black Knight Riley the time he spends. Knows across: How once and for all, stop the tap.

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