SOVI Social Security pension: requirements, who can request it and how to apply

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The year 2021 begins and it is convenient to be clear about the different aid available at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). The economic complications resulting from the pandemic make these more necessary than ever. One of them is the SOVI, a type of pension intended for those people who have contributed to the old Compulsory Old Age and Disability Insurance.

This system, now extinct, was the precedent of what we now know as Social Security. He was in charge of old-age benefits and remained in force until 1967. Today, although he is no longer active, he is important in the calculation of the retirement pension for people who have contributed before January 1, 1967 or if you are a widower of someone who has contributed. The amount of this aid in 2021 is € 437.70 per month in 14 payments if no other pensions are received. If so, the amount drops to 424.80 euros.

Who can request the SOVI and requirements

The people who can access this aid in 2021 are those that contributed to SOVI and did not contribute enough in the current Social Security system, as reported by the portal job news. Furthermore, there are three different types of pension.

Types of pension

  • Widow’s pension: for spouses of deceased persons and contributors to the Compulsory Old Age and Disability Insurance. The date of death must have been between 1956 and 1966 and the applicant must be over 50 years old at the time of death. If it occurs after that date, the requirements are the same as the current system.
  • Disability pension: when one suffers a permanent and absolute incapacity for the habitual profession and that this was the reason for the cessation of work. To be able to request it, you must have contributed 1,800 days in the SOVI before 1967 and be 50 years old, although there are cases in which 30 is enough.
  • Elderly retirement: if you are over 65 years of age and 1,800 days listed in the SOVI before 1967 or if you were affiliated with the previous regime, called the Workers’ Retirement Regime. This does not allow access to another Social Security benefit.

How to apply for the SOVI pension

In the same way as all similar procedures, it is carried out through the Social Security website, requesting an appointment, either by phone901 10 65 70, from Monday to Sunday all day) or by Internet, in the Electronic Headquarters of the Social Security.

Deadlines to request it

In order to be entitled to it, there are certain deadlines that must be met. In the case of the pension of widowhood, must be requested within one year of death. For the pension of invalidity, it must be requested at the time it is recognized. Finally, for the old-age pension, the application must be submitted in the 30 days after turning 65.

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