The Suggestive Advance of Sky Rojo, after the Rumors of Romance between Lali Esposito with the director of the Series

The Suggestive Advance of Sky Rojo, after the Rumors of Romance between Lali Esposito with the director of the Series

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The first preview of Sky Rojo

The professional career of Lali Esposito it seems to have no roof. After his successful passage through national fictions and launching his music internationally, now he is going for more and is incorporated as one of the figures of Netflix, through his leading role in the Spanish series Sky Red.

It was during the filming of that series that she was romantically linked to her colleague Miguel Angel Silvestre, something that she was in charge of denying personally, and with the director of the fiction, David Victori, with whom the Spanish press photographed her closely. “We are friends, we are partners. And he is the most. Of course we love each other very much and I won’t hide any … that would be stupid. We live our current moment, with much affection. But we are people who are free “, had detailed exclusively for Teleshow.

It should be remembered that the former Almost angels announced in September his separation from Santiago Mocorrea, her boyfriend for almost four years. “I want to tell you from my mouth, to avoid any misunderstanding or misinformation, that with Santi we decided to separate. We love and respect each other deeply. This is our decision today ”, the actress wrote on that occasion on her Twitter account.

The truth is that now, and after almost a year of recordings that were interrupted by the pandemic, the first preview of the series came to light, with very suggestive images.

In fiction, the actress plays Wendy, a girl who runs away with Coral (Veronica Sanchez) and Gina (Yany Prado), in search of their freedom while being persecuted by Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), his pimp, and moisés (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and Christian (Enric Auquer), his henchmen in the Club Las Novias. Together they will begin a frantic, aimless journey in which they will have to face all kinds of dangers and will live every second as if it were their last, but with which they will strengthen their friendship and discover the most important thing: that together they are much stronger and have more. options to get their lives back.

Lali plays Wendy, a girl who flees in search of her freedom while being chased by her pimp.

The series, made by the creators of The Paper House and which has a release date for March 19, has two confirmed seasons of 8 episodes each, and was filmed in various locations in Madrid and Tenerife. In the previews, you can see the playful scenes he made with the international cast and that combines black humor, large doses of action and pure adrenaline.

Lali Espósito, in action (Photo: Netflix)

Lali Espósito, in action (Photo: Netflix)

On the musical plane, he released his fourth album Libra A few months ago, it was received very well by its fans, who made it a success. “It is an album that began in Argentina and went to the United States. I worked a lot there and, suddenly, I got the opportunity to come to Spain for the series. And I ended up doing the whole end of here and with all this situation in between. So once I managed to finish it amid so much movement, it was like: “But listen to me, what am I going to expect? This is done like this! ”, He had confessed to this medium.

Recently, the former My hope He was in Argentina visiting his family for the end of the year parties, and it was at that moment that he finally got to meet his nephew Beltran, who was born a week before she went to work abroad but could not meet him due to mandatory social isolation.

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