Skip Cyberpunk 2077 & Play These Trans-Friendly Cyberpunk Games Instead

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Cyberpunk 2077 suffers from bugs, broken promises and transphobia. These six classic games will scratch your itch for cyberpunk.

After release Cyberpunk 2077Thanks to its transphobic imagery and glossy gameplay, many gamers are searching for alternatives. Sure, Cyberpunk 2077 There are fans for it, who may overlook its shortcomings, but the game turned many off due to its transphobic marketing and reports of game-breaking glitches on last-generation consoles.

For those who want an alternative Cyberpunk 2077 For any reason – but especially if you would prefer to support a sport that is much less transphobic – the following games can serve as strong alternatives. If you’re waiting for a patch to make the game playable or don’t want to pay any money to CD Prozac Red, the following games are the best cyberpunk titles you can play without owning the best hardware available right now.

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One of the earliest cinematic titles by Hideo Kojima, snatcher The PC is a 1988 game released for the Sega CD and later, the PlayStation. snatcher The center around a prominent protagonist wakes up in the city of Neo Kobe, where androids called snatchers are capturing and killing humans, only to replace them in society. The government, which forms an organization called JUNKER, works to capture and eradicate snatchers. The protagonist joins Juncker, believing that it will bring him closer to uncovering his past.

The game itself is essentially a visual novel with limited gameplay elements. This is Philip K. Draws heavily from the works of Dick and William Gibson. In many ways, this cyberpunk game expected Kojima after the release of talented fans to show the story metal Gear Solid.

Under a steel sky

Under a steel sky Since 1994 is a point and click cyberbar game that has pushed cyberpunk as a genre. Robert Foster broke away from society by living with tribals in the wastelands known as the Gap. Once grown up, government officials inflict violence on her family, dragging her back to the urban city, where Foster, now isolated from the world, can see the corrupt system for what it really is.

Now freeware, Under a steel sky Many are believed to be a cult classic. The game proved so successful that the sequel, Beyond a steel sky, Was successfully kickstarted and released. The game is a testament to the now-mostly-cool point and click style quality.

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Longest trip

Longest trip And its sequel Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Craft a unique system of intertwined worlds to explore. Different genres of Stark and Arcadia exist as different genres of speculative fiction, Stark is a cyberpunk world and Arcadia is more magical. The games focus on select characters in each world, embarking on an adventure that affects both worlds.

whereas Longest trip Is a point and click adventure, dream fall Is more of a traditional adventure game. However, both are notable examples of the cyberpunk-style Buckle tradition’s ability to pursue certain creative and engaging approaches. The topics of infection are important, as straight forward as nothing they may appear.


You are Raina, working for a cloudpunk delivery service, working on the edge of the legal system. You are tasked with delivering the package – just never delay and never question what is inside the package. Your journey will take you across the city, delving into the mysterious, precarious corners of a city that has long crossed meat boundaries.

Cloudpunk Probably a lot of people were expecting Cyberpunk 2077 It is possible. You are the epitome of a cyberpunk urban landscape, fully spacious buildings, neon signs and lots of quirky characters.

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The Red Strings Club

Society has determined a means to hack into a person’s brain to erase any negative emotion. And no depression. No more emotional pain. However, a lonely bartender sees it as a means through which society can control people at their intimate level, instead of using their psychological bartending skills to meet people’s needs, to the soul. Can bring one to a rapidly diminishing world.

Red Strings Club is a story-focused indie game that seeks to examine the soul within the machine. How will people connect on an emotional level when they have infiltrated all corners of life? On top of that, you have to mix drinks, which is incredibly fun.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

You are a bartender in a city of cyberpunk. Again. The Valhalla Bar, is a small joint society with cybernetic troops on the outskirts, manufactured pop stars and news media to elicit a thorough response. You witness the world, all trying to preserve their bar, entertaining their guests with a good drink while they give you a coin.

VA-11 Hall-A One of the best bartender simulation games out there, with incredibly in-depth writing and complete disdain for society. While the game has a sense of humor, smart writing keeps its satire front and center. The best cyberpunk games offer biting satire that can never be confused for straight tropes plaid.

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Gotam knight

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