Season 2’s Three New Stone Wars Characters, Explained

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Dr. The second season of Stone is taking shape for the battle of ideals between science and power. But which side will these new characters choose?

Enthusiasm for Dr. stone The number of fans is high as its second season begins in January. With this comes new characters, locations and earlier promises Real See the headquarters and people of the Tsukasa Army. After spending a lot of the first season getting to know those in Ishigami Village, it only makes sense that viewers would be curious about those in the opposing camp – and the trailer revealed three of them beforehand !

The latest trailer introduces three new characters who, by their muscle structure alone, are easily determined to be part of Tsukasa’s camp: Nikki, Ukyo, and Yo. As they will play, the trailer gives some hints, but nothing concrete. Nevertheless, Tsukasa’s rule has to be reduced while saving the team Everyone, There is always the ability to become allies of these new opponents.

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Dr.  Stone Nikki

Nikki is the only girl among the new characters, but certainly the most willing of the three, which the trailer described as a “rugged judo businessman”. And we believe it – he’s built like a tank, and the trailer shows him throwing his opponent easily. But beneath that “rugged” exterior, she is still a girl through and through, which is hinted at with her decidedly feminine double braids that are reminiscent of Viking hairstyles. It may take some time for the team to overcome her strong personality to get into the heart of the team, but should they succeed it is clearly clear that she can be a valuable ally.


Dr.  Stone Ukyo

Ukyo is a bit hard to read, and not only because she, like Hyoga, favors a high collar that obscures some of her face. Colored in a vibrant yellow, the archer carries an air of mystique to her, with the trailer declaring her as someone “over-audited” – which has very interesting implications for the series to come.

Taiju and Yuzuriha risk her, with Science Kingdom intent on getting a cellphone. By listening They can either be led to his demise – or the discovery of someone else who considers science above power. He does not appear to be a pure-power type, with his dialogue in the trailer to make him defeat an unknown enemy – though his tone indicates that when the other person had won the “fight”, he could have won. War. Either way, this mysterious character is listening to the science state’s plans, with his ear not good for being around the ground. As a Mole, However… can that be the one that turns the battle for information?

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Dr.  Stone yo

Finally, there is Yo – who seems, like Nikki, to be the person Tsukasa would like in his kingdom. “Glum Nightstick Vealer,” Yo is implied to be skilled in battle with a single image. Although he seems like a straight-up man on the lines of Taeju as he confesses his love for the “simplicity” of the de-petrified world, it is not his intelligence (and lack thereof) that interests us – The fact that he is still fair scares himself!

With a stern of stone still to cover his face, he would be easy to take out in a crowd, and the fact that the trailer implies he is a skilled fighter, while he is effectively just one-eyed. To use means that he has with him a cat of a warrior. But does he want to live with the simple world of Tsukasa, or join the era of technology with Senku?

Overall, all three promise to change the cast dynamic of the series, adding a touch and more bluntness to Tsakasa’s enormous power and Senku’s sharp wit, no matter which side he chooses. In addition, as members of the Old World, they also have pastes that can easily shape their futures (and the world) as Stone Wars.

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