Scandal: they broadcast supposed audios of Cristian Castro asking women for intimate favors

Scandal: they broadcast supposed audios of Cristian Castro asking women for intimate favors

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He is accused of psychologically abusing more than one woman from an Instagram account (@cristiancastro_music) 

Although a few days ago Cristian castro she was showing off her new love, now is accused of psychologically abusing more than one woman, reason why the singer could have deleted all the publications from his own social network.

Verónica Castro’s son is immersed in a new skirt scandal. The cristiancastromaltratador account was created on Instagram to present audios and presumed conversations between “El Gallito Feliz” and his victims, who claim that were contacted by the interpreter of blue to make them fall in love and ask for nude photographs, as well as propose sexual encounters, which could include threesomes or be related to stool.

In this social network, several testimonies about the modus operandi of Cristian Castro were exposed. The first link is through Instagram and then the conversations move to WhatsApp, where they finally receive promises of love so that they can send intimate photos or a sexual encounter takes place.

The audios, with the voice of the Mexican artist, were presented in the program Gossip Live and the majority are risque and with explicit proposals.

“You paralyzed my life, you don’t know what I want to do with your neck. I’m going to rip your neck off with delicious kisses. My life, I want to prove you so much ”, is heard in one of the audios aired by a woman, who assures that she was invited to Los Angeles, California.

The same person indicated that Castro he asked for intimate photographs and received more than one video on sexual encounters between people and animals.

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram) 

Another woman accused the singer of receiving proposals related to feces and sexual threesomes, so he decided to decline the intentions of his idol.

These complaints appeared on Instagram after Verónica Castro’s eldest son introduced his new girlfriend, identified as Maite and who, according to Javier Ceriani, She is pregnant with her real partner, a man of Argentine nationality.

These different attacks could have led Cristian Castro to first delete all his posts on Instagram and then delete his account on the same social network.

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram) 


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