Russia.- Navalni announces that he will return to Russia on January 17

Russia.- Navalni announces that he will return to Russia on January 17

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni has announced that he will return to Russia on January 17, almost five months after being urgently evacuated to Germany for an alleged poisoning for which he has ultimately blamed President Vladimir Putin.

Navalni has confirmed his return through social networks, claiming that he never had any doubts about “returning or not” to his country. In this sense, he recalled that on August 22 he arrived unconscious in Germany, where he remained in a coma in a Berlin hospital.

Navalni will return on a regular flight – he will do so with Pobeda airline, as he himself has said – and aware of the risks to which it is exposed. “They tried to kill me,” stressed the opposition leader, pointing to Putin as the one who “gave the order.”

However, “Russia is my country”, he stressed in his message, published on Instagram and shared on Twitter and in which he also alluded to the new criminal charges he could face on his return. On Tuesday he already denounced that Russia is seeking to imprison him again for violating the terms of a suspended sentence.

On his state of health, Navalni has said that he has practically recovered from the serious damage suffered after his sudden deterioration on August 20, during a flight that transferred him from a Siberian city to Moscow. German experts have concluded that he was poisoned with a Novichok-type nerve agent.

The Russian authorities, for their part, have disassociated themselves from this poisoning and have even ensured that there is no evidence that it had existed, criticizing both the Navalni environment and the countries that have joined Germany’s thesis. They have also accused Berlin of not cooperating in the Moscow investigations.


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