Rousaud insists on the dirty war: “Here you have to go to bite and with the knife”

Rousaud insists on the Dirty War: “Here you have to go to bite and with the Knife”

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Emili Rousaud is no longer a candidate for FC Barcelona. The former Blaugrana manager announced this afternoon that his candidacy is withdrawing, even before the Electoral Board finalizes the count of signatures. Rousaud acknowledged that until the last day he tried to merge with the candidacy of Toni Freixa, but that his project colleagues decided to discard it late yesterday afternoon.

The candidate acknowledged that the appearance of a signed ballot supporting Agustí Benedito among his signatures was a low blow, which precipitated the withdrawal of his candidacy to avoid further speculation: “In an unusual way, during the counting of our signatures, a ballot appeared that signed the name of Benedito. We were the first to denounce that there were people willing to sell firms and that we would never buy them. We have never bought signatures. I am convinced and would put my hand in the fire that the club’s employees have nothing to do with it. It is an act of bad faith and not fortuitous ”. Rousaud claimed to have learned the lesson: “You have to go bite and with the knife, if they don’t eat you”. Of course, he did not want, or could not point to anyone: “I cannot accuse anyone of who has made or has put the Benedito ballot in our signatures. We may have had a custody problem. We arrived with 2,501 signatures and they told us we had 2,510. The only thing I can say is that we are honest ”.

Given the turn the events were taking, Rousaud assured that rejected the possibility of merging with the candidacy of Toni Freixa: “At 10.30 am I met with Freixa making a proposal for the union of pre-candidacies. We agreed that at 6 pm we would assess the offer. As an electoral map, we believed in alliances between pre-candidacies to be successful. I believed that most of my colleagues agreed with this merger with Freixa. We know that we bother and that nobody expected us. My colleagues did not agree to join with another candidate because they did not want to be linked in some maneuver. I especially feel bad for Minguella. We reject the merger with Freixa for a matter of dignity. And that there were people in the pre-candidacy with a lot of desire to enter the board of directors ”.

Rousaud, who assured that he has not yet decided who he will vote for, was totally against Jan Laporta’s proposal on bond issuance to clean up the club’s economy: “Bonds? I do not like. A mechanism to lead to the privatization of the club and that it ends up becoming a Public Limited Company. We could end up in the hands of an investment fund of a tycoon ”.

Finally, he made it clear that the only option to beat Laporta would be by grouping the rest of the candidates: “We had our feet on the ground and we knew we weren’t going to win, but I know we bothered, least of all one. The more fragmentation of the vote, the more a candidate favors. The more the vote is fragmented, the more Font is hurt. This is drawer. We were the unexpected guest. We had conversations with Font at the time. Not for a merger, but for other possibilities ”.

Freixa denies Rousaud and assures that he did not negotiate a merger

The candidate Toni Freixa clarified this Thursday that he did not negotiate to merge his candidacy with that of Emili Rousaud, who today has resigned to continue in the electoral race and has affirmed otherwise.

“As a result of the statements of Emili Rousaud, I want to clarify with all the firmness and forcefulness that, despite having received various proposals throughout the electoral process to configure my candidacy, I have only accepted those of the fifteen members that comprise it. Not one more, “Freixa said on ‘Twitter’.

This version does not correspond to the one offered by Rousaud, who in a press conference in which he announced his dismissal from the electoral race, revealed that he spoke with Freixa to join forces and that they reached an agreement.

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