REVIEW: Second Coming – Only Begotten Son #1 Reveals Sunstar’s Origins

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The second cumming is back for a new volume that reveals the explosive origins of Sunstar designed by Superstars for major changes.

After the husky first volume, the next installment of AHOY Comics’ religious superhero comedy series second coming It’s time to celebrate christmas Only begotten son. Having revisited the previous segment’s creative team of Mark Russell, Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk, Andy Troy and Rob Stein, the opening issue of the new series takes time for its superhero hero Sunstar to go back to the beginning which is entirely The origin of some of the iconic human beings of yesterday, mixing self-conscious laughter before bringing back theological elements that made the opening volume so controversial, that its first issue was also published.

As Sunstar prepares for major changes in her life and relationships with her roommate Jesus Christ, a lengthy flashback describes her origins on the distant planet of Zirconia. As Sunstar’s parents state that the entire planet is about to burn, they must endure the tedious commitments and responsibilities that come with suburban life, escaping even the most mundane aspects of their domestic life on a crystalline, alien world Are unable to. Brink of total destruction.

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Russell Krypton – packs almost every panel with the previous night’s jokes on Erie, Zirconia – as one not having to maintain pre-apocalyptic doom and gloomy but boring dinner parties and ubiquitous appearances; The coming planetary explosion is the latest in a long line of inconveniences. It’s hard to call this issue a satire on the superhero genre when the veil is that thin but the subtlety in the skewer is never really something Russell actively strives for; Refer to their other AHOY titles Billionaire Island For further reference. And not every joke that comes fast and furiously, while a significant majority of them do; It is a contender for the funniest comic book about the end of the world.

Along with the original volume, Richard Pace handles the pencils, finishes provided by Leonard Kirk and colors by Andy Troy. While Zirconia and its eventual destruction is a clear analog for Krypton, complete with its crystalline architecture, the art team is able to exert its own spin on Sunstar’s futuristic, cosmic home planet. It particularly weighs in on the dialogue, with frequent jokes and exposure zipping, but the team still maintains the reader’s interest on the visual proceedings. And when serious issues of the issue arise, the art team succeeds in capturing that soulful heart, as the comic moments of genuine poignancy remind readers, for all the jokes, that it would eventually lead to the end of an entire civilization. The story is explosive flash.

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With this new volume kicking things off with a flashback issue, the creative team has designed an issue that is accessible and welcome to readers who have missed out. second coming Around the first time. Religious satirical elements that defined the first stages of the story are almost non-existent in this issue, with the new volume focusing more on well-established superhero tropes and origins, while in the sublime enroi’s inherent humor instead Mixing occurs. Despite this change, the creative team has received a lot from Superman, who gets Superman from drowning in a volume that ties his theme with Russell, Pace, and Kirk as families, whether cosmic, suburban, or divine. Appears in Last year he returned to the world.

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