Returnal: the devices and weapons to survive on the dangerous planet Atropos

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Housemarque details the fights in Returnal, the Finnish studio’s first AAA exclusively scheduled for PS5.

Two months before its launch on PS5, Harry Krueger, the creative director of Housemarque, devotes himself to new explanations concerning the gameplay of Returnal : “We have tried to create a unique mix of genres. It’s a combination of action and arcade we have the secret to, responsive controls and bullet hell sequences, all in third person. It’s a game of fast and frantic combat, intense shooting mechanics, rich in exploration and obstacles to overcome during your adventure in the procedurally generated environments of Atropos. We’ve created Returnal to make it a challenging and rewarding experience, with enough diversity and depth to make you want to try one last time after every attempt.

He also talks about the concept of this new license: “For Returnal’s heroine, death is no way out. Each death sends Selene back to the start of the time loop, just before crashing into the planet. Most of the skills and items obtained in the previous cycle will be lost … but not all. Some are kept from one session to another, which allows you to progress after each cycle (…) There will be many situations in which you will have to make a compromise between risk and reward and this will drastically affect the course of each cycle. . You will be able to find a Cursed Container that contains some interesting loot, but opening it could cause a malfunction dealing damage to Selene every time she opens a chest or door with a key, and cannot be repaired only by picking up a large amount of oboliths. Oboliths can be exchanged for items to increase your chances of survival, but if you’re doing well, you can choose to spend them to activate a checkpoint. If you die, you’ll respawn there with all of your current items and skills rather than restarting the cycle. And these are just a few examples of the situations you are going to encounter and the decisions you are going to have to make. ”

Fighting in Returnal with upgradeable weapons, alien tools and double-edged bonuses

With 10 basic weapons, over 90 weapon attributes (unique gameplay modifier, each with three levels), and 10 secondary shots, there are loads of combinations to try out. Each weapon will have a randomly selected secondary fire ranging from the electric impulses of the Electric Flux to the tentacles of the Tendril Capsule: “With the DualSense controller’s adaptive trigger, all you need to do is partially press L2 to aim and use your primary fire, or fully squeeze the trigger to activate secondary fire.

  • Ptyalonic Scatterer, a classic pump shotgun that can fire explosive projectiles or spawn acid pools on impact
  • Electrobaliser, an accessory that can extract loot from enemies or generate a shield for the player
  • Chtonos, an alien device that generates a random object at the start of each cycle
  • Dismantler, a bomb that can decimate all enemies around Selene
  • Kinetic Siphon, a defensive consumable that allows melee kills to restore health or recover more strategic relics to gain unique advantages under certain conditions

Returnal, the PS5 exclusive from Housemarque, will be available on March 19.

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