Returnal – News, New Trailer and New Images for PS5 Exclusive

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Game news Returnal – News, New Trailer and New Images for PS5 Exclusive

Always expected for March 19, 2021, Returnal, the shooting game offering you to explore distant lands, has just revealed its many secrets.

Indeed, the exclusive PlayStation 5 has returned today to the front of the stage thanks to a long post published on the PlayStation.Blog. This post focuses in particular on the gameplay of the title which mixes many genres of video games. And as you probably already know, this creation of Housemarque borrows in particular from rogue-like since it offers players to evolve in settings generated in a procedural way.

It’s a game of fast and frantic combat, intense shooting mechanics, rich in exploration and obstacles to overcome during your adventure in the procedurally generated environments of Atropos. We created Returnal to make it a challenging and rewarding experience, with enough diversity and depth to make you want to try again “one last time” after every attempt.

To help Selene in her quest, the heroine of the game will of course be entitled to a complete arsenal, ideal for exploring the dark corners of the planet Atropos. Among these weapons, some can be improved as the player progresses in the game.

For example, the Ptyalonic Scatterer works very similar to a conventional shotgun. But as you level up, you will unlock and add different weapon attributes. Each of them grants a unique gameplay modifier to the base weapon. These weapon attributes are designed specifically for each weapon type. For example, your Ptyalonic Scatterer can fire explosive projectiles or spawn acid pools on impact, while the Electrobaliser can extract loot from enemies or generate a shield for the player. These weapon attributes stack, and their stacked effects can have some very surprising results and create unique playstyles to explore.

We learn at the same time, that each weapon will be entitled to its own secondary fire. And just like a certain Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal will use the different features of the DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller, starting with the adaptive triggers. It will therefore be possible to use the main fire of your weapon by partially pressing the triggers or the secondary fire by fully depressing them.

With 10 basic weapons, over 90 weapon attributes (each with three levels), and 10 secondary shots, there are loads of combinations to try out on your adventure.

Note however that it will be necessary to be judicious in the choice of your weapons, since Selene will only be able to carry one at a time.

As we said at the beginning of the article, Returnal will use the components of the various successful Rogue-like. Thereby, the title will offer players to experience a time loop generated randomly after each death of the avatar. However, even if most items are lost from run to run like The Binding of Isaac, the title will also offer items that can be kept.

One of those lingering elements is the mysterious Chtonos, an alien device that generates a random item at the start of each cycle. This mystical device logs your performance and when you rack up enough progress you get a new item which you can use immediately and which will also be added to your available loot collection.

Returnal - News, New Trailer and New Images for PS5 ExclusiveReturnal - News, New Trailer and New Images for PS5 Exclusive

Finally, Returnal will also offer items to collect that will offer both bonuses and penalties. Among them is a parasite capable of restoring your life, but which in return, causes puddles of acid to appear when enemies die.

Taking a Parasite is a risky decision, but there are situations where you can tip the scales in your favor with, for example, a Relic that increases your max HP for each parasite hooked on you.

As a reminder, Returnal, the title of Housemarque, will be available from March 19 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Returnal - News, New Trailer and New Images for PS5 Exclusive

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