Reporters grow frustrated as Biden team refuses questions

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The Biden Transition team did not ask reporters any questions about Hunter Biden in their weekly briefing on Friday, and they only allowed a limited number of speakers to speak.

Biden officials called five reporters from the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, PBS and Politico at Friday’s zoom briefing and ignored questions from Globe Live Media and others.

At the end of the brief interrogation, other journalists were disappointed and began pressuring Biden officials to provide more access, using the “chat” function.

Joey Bidal Clause ‘Full Play’, which has been watching since the son’s death, is ‘not confirmed’

Sam Stein of the Daily Beast wrote in the chat, “Hey guys, there are a lot of people watching to ask questions and since this is being done once a week, do we get longer or at least frequent briefings can do.”

Zeke Miller of the Globe Live Media said, “Any chance you can raise a few more questions? There are a lot of people with questions here.”

“Does it make sense to say that we want to ask questions if you call the same small group every week?” White House reporter Andrew Finberg said.

The Biden transition sent shockwaves through the political world on Wednesday with a press release detailing the investigation into Delaware by the U.S. Attorney’s Office by Hunter Biden, which he described as his “tax affairs.”

“I first came to know that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware yesterday advised my legal counsel that they were investigating my tax affairs,” Hunter Biden said in a statement. “I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these cases will show that I have handled my cases legally and fairly, including the benefit of professional tax advisors.”

Hunter Biden’s former transportation was flagged as a possible criminal activity

Sources told Globe Live Media that Hunter Biden is the subject / target of a grand jury investigation and an investigation into his finances has begun in 2018.

According to one source, a “target” means that “there is a high probability that the person has committed the crime”, while the “subject” is someone you “don’t know for sure” he has committed the crime.

The presidential-election on Thursday raised questions about his son’s foreign business behavior “playing foul”.

“I have, we have a lot of faith in our son,” Biden told CBS in an interview to “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Thursday. “I’m not worried about any allegations against him. It’s used to me. I think it’s kind of dishonest but look, it’s him and he’s a big man, he’s the smartest guy. That I know. ” By a pure intellectual capacity means – and as long as it is good, we are good. “

From the board of Ukrainian energy firm Barism to build relationships with Chinese and Russian citizens, Hunter Biden has a complex network of international trade practices.

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Young Biden was paid $ 50,000 a month to serve on Burma’s board, a concern that eventually led to President Trump’s impeachment, given the fact about the notion of a conflict of interest His father was involved in US policy for Ukraine.

Globe Live Media’ Peter Doki contributed to this report.

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