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Ravens favored to claim final AFC spot ahead of Dolphins

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When Justin Herbert hit the football edge across the goal line to secure the Los Angeles Chargers ‘overtime victory on Thursday night, he also dented the Las Vegas Raiders’ playoff hopes.

The Raiders entered the AFC one night behind the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens in a battle for the final wild-card spot. While 81 percent of the Draftkings’ bookies were backing Las Vegas at +440 to make the playoffs, 59 percent of the total money was returning the Raiders to a -625 to miss the postsman.

Las Vegas’ chances of play were lengthened by DraftKings to -10000 by Friday, with the Raiders now having a 13:00 long shot of a rally for the wild-card spot after falling to 7-7.

The Dolphins (8-5) could be on the verge of finishing the Raiders with a win at home against New England this weekend, before hosting Las Vegas in Week 16.

Miami faces a tough regular season finale at Buffalo, while Las Vegas closes with a trip to Denver.

The Rens (8-5) host the 5-8 New York Giants before a 1-12 Jacksonville and 5-8-1 road trip to Cincinnati.

Miami currently owns the third wild-card spot in the AFC ahead of Baltimore due to a tiebreaker.

However, with a combined 8-30-1 record with their final three opponents, the Dolphins are offering the Ravens at -1250 to make the playoffs by the DraftKings compared to +200.

The Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts (9-4) are -1115 and -1250, respectfully, sitting in the top two wild-card spots, while still fighting for their division title.

The wild-card spots in the NFC are currently Seattle (9-4), Tampa Bay (8-5) and Arizona (7-7).

Seattle with a virtual lock even if it loses its final two games, DraftKings is not offering odds on the Seasons to reach Postsden. The Buccaneers are -3335 while the Cardinals are -152.

Minnesota and Chicago, both 6-7 a game behind Arizona, are being offered in +305 and +400.

Travis M. Andrews
Travis M. Andrews is a features writer for The Washington Post. He joined The Post in 2016 as a reporter for Morning Mix. He was previously a travel and culture editor for Southern Living magazine, a contributing pop culture reporter for Mashable and the Week, and a contributing editor for the Syfy blog Dvice. He also has freelanced for magazines, including Esquire, GQ and Time. He is the author of the coming book "Because He's Jeff Goldblum," a semi-rumination and semi-ridiculous look at the career of the enigmatic actor and an exploration of the shifting nature of fame in the 21st century, to be published in November by Plume.