Raquel Sánchez Silva celebrates 48 years returning to present ‘Masters of sewing’

Raquel Sánchez Silva celebrates 48 years returning to present ‘Masters of sewing’

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Raquel Sánchez Silva is one of the most off-road presenters that our television has and the fact is that the journalist does not give up on any of the television programs that she has presented throughout her professional career. And it is that now she is submerged again in the new season of Masters of Sewing, that although there is no scheduled date for the beginning, the presenter has already assured that they have been working for months.

Today, Raquel turns 48 years old and she does it having a very worked physical figure. And we already know that the journalist loves sports and is always very fit, in fact sometimes she uploads videos and photographs of how she performs physical exercise to her social networks.

In addition, the journalist has shown over the years that she is made of a hard paste because she does not care what to present, what to talk about, what program to take … The communication professional has not stopped working since she started in the environment and has more than proven to be more than valid for this profession.

After passing through MasterChef Celebrity where she has been seen in the most natural way, enjoying the most with her colleagues and showing her culinary skills, Raquel Sánchez Silva is now ready to present the new edition of Masters of Sewing.

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