Ramón Calderón confirms that he has sued Kiko Rivera: “I gave a reasonable term”

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Ramón Calderón has confirmed this Thursday in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ that he has finally decided to take the judicial route to solve his problems with Kiko Rivera, an idea that I had already advanced last November. The words of the DJ in the special ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance’ hurt the former president of Real Madrid deeply, as Isabel Pantoja’s son described him as “a scoundrel” who was “one of those involved in this whole plot “in reference to the scandal over Paquirri’s inheritance.

In the Telecinco space it has been reported the words spoken by the one who was Kiko’s lawyer during the distribution of his father’s assets, who regrets having reached this point but understands that there was only this exit after having given a reasonable time to find the solution. “I would like it to be said well, that is, that I have given a reasonable time for a rectification to take place in the face of an obviously unfair attack on my honor“.

Calderón dismantled Rivera’s accusations by recovering documents from the 90s, for which he demanded a public apology that was never produced. “Once that has not happened, well, yes, I have had to file a claim with the Madrid courts,” he explains. Of course, it has not yet been admitted for processing: “That is certainly not because when it is admitted for processing, which is a formal matter, they would have to transfer me and that has not happened“he added.

The lawyer, in addition, has insisted that he exhausted the avenues for the issue to be solved in a more friendly way and has assured that he even spoke with Rivera’s brothers to avoid the lawsuit. At all times I wanted “a rectification was produced “by” an absolutely false and also injurious accusation“, but in the face of Kiko’s silence, he had to” go to court. “

“I told (Francisco and Cayetano) the same thing that I am saying to you: ‘Let him assume that he was wrong and ask him.’ If they have done it or not, I don’t know anymore,” he declared.

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