PUBG Mobile trailer unveils and launches Runic Power mode

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Trailer PUBG Mobile unveils and launches Runic Power mode

Available on Android and iOS devices, PUBG Mobile has just upgraded to version 1.2. The opportunity for developers to add a new mode, in which players are endowed with special powers.

Runic Power mode is available until March 7, and gives players a preview of Season 17, which begins January 19. Upon entering this mode, PUBG Mobile players will discover that the Erangel map has been changed, and that they can use three different runes, each with two skills:

  • La Flame Rune : Summons a wheel of fire that deals damage to opponents, and adds the burn effect to ammo for a limited time
  • L’Artic Rune : Summons an ice barrier that must be destroyed in pieces. Ammunition has the ice effect for a limited time
  • La Wind Rune : Summons a wind shield capable of speeding up movement, absorbing damage, and increasing reload speed

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