PUBG Mobile Ban in India: Explanation and Similar Games

PUBG Mobile Ban in India: Explanation and Similar Games

PUBG Mobile Ban in India: Explanation

Today, there is a very sad news for the youngsters of India from the gaming world, a news which has spread a silence in India’s gaming community, in fact, the most liked and played mobile game in India, PUBG Mobile, has announced to leave India.

Yes, PUBG Mobile has announced in all its social media platforms that it is closing down all its servers in India.

In fact it all started since the Indian government started banning all China-based apps in India due to data, privacy and security reasons in September, apps like Tiktok and Wechat were banned along with 117 other apps, at the same time PUBG Mobile was also banned. But in the initial period, PUBG Mobile was only removed from Google and Apple’s Playstores, People who were already having the App installed on their Phones were still able to play the game. Only for new users, the app was banned from downloading.

But this time, PUBG is not only going away from the app stores in India, but its servers are also completely shutting down in India, so now it will be impossible for any Indian to play this game. But PUBG has not yet confirmed whether only the mobile version of pubg is going off in India or its PC version too? The Government of India has also not commented on this yet.

Some Internet intellectuals are also raising questions like whether the app can be made to run through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) even after the servers are closed? We feel it will also be known by tomorrow when people will try to run it through the VPN after the total shut down of app’s servers.

Let us tell you that PUBG was originally created by the South Korean gaming company PUBG Corporation, but its mobile version known as Pub-G Mobile was created by Chinese company Tencent Games in 2018 and was then released for the whole world. Due to this Chinese connection of the game, the Government of India decided to ban PUBG Mobile in India, that is why it is difficult to say whether only the PUBG mobile version is being banned or the original PC version too.

In any case, India’s gaming community is deeply hurt by the ban in India, PUBG Mobile was the most played mobile game in India, Indian People, mostly Youth were crazy about it.

Similar Games or Alternatives to PubG Mobile in India

But the people of India do not have to be so saddened about this, there are other games that are like PUBG Mobile which are very famous in the world of mobile gaming in India. Games such as COD-Mobile, which is a mobile version of the ever famous Call of Duty, has a unique identity in the gaming world. Along with COD-Mobile, Fortnite is also a famous game like PUBG which is loved by people all over the world, so Indians can play these games and can enjoy the thrill like they used to in PUBG Mobile.

Now let us tell you about a game which has made a distinct identity in Indian mobile gaming community since 2019, which has been the most liked game in India after pubg mobile, and the name of that game is Garena Free Fire!

Yes, Garena Free Fire is gaining momentum in India and is making a splash. Ever since the news of Pubg mobile getting banned in India made rounds on social media, the people of India are downloading this game even faster. It is estimated that this game will soon become India’s most liked mobile game and will take the position of Most downloaded Game App on Playstore in India.
So download it right now and see if You miss PUBG Mobile again?

Coming to an end, What do you have to say on this? Do you think there is a game that can replace PUBG Mobile in India very soon? Tell us in the comments.