PS5: Official patents show parts of the console and the DualSense controller

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The PS5 appeared in stores almost two months ago. When designing the console, the Sony team opted for a completely new look this time, which hardly resembles its predecessors. The patents for the PS5 and the new DualSense controller, which shows the console and the gamepad with their individual parts, have now appeared on the Internet. The drawings were discovered by LetsGoDigital. You can see the pictures on their website.

The two patents were registered in September 2020 (controller) and November 2020 (console). The design of the PS5 was revealed in June 2020. However, there are not many surprises to be seen in the drawings. The official patent for the DualSense controller shows not only the individual components but also a close-up of the analog stick. What is noticeable here is that the lower area of ​​the component has been highlighted in a radiant purple. The significance of this particular choice of color remains unclear so far. There are no surprises with the console’s patent either.

Here are the individual parts of the PS5 (buy now ) as well as the PS5 Digital Edition. The only difference between the two models is the drive, which is why the design of the Digital Edition is symmetrical. The patent shows, among other things, the console’s removable panels. Fans are currently hoping for more color variants of the PS5, which can then be changed at any time using interchangeable faceplates. So far, nothing has been confirmed on this topic.

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