PS5 and Xbox Series: The environmental impact studied by the NRDC

PS5 and Xbox Series: The environmental impact studied by the NRDC

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News culture PS5 and Xbox Series: The environmental impact studied by the NRDC

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit organization based in the United States and active in the field of environmental protection, has published a study on the environmental impact of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

According to the report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the PS5 and the Xbox Series would consume between 160 and 200 watts, more than the previous generations. Depending on its size, the television to which they are connected would spend between 120 and 200 watts. Note that in “energy saving” or in standby mode, consumption would be reduced to less than 1 watt. According to another study published by the organization in 2014, that of the PS4 was up to 8.5 watts in standby.

Other details are provided, in particular about games from older generations and a model S less greedy than the others:

The good news is that these consoles consume much less power when playing games designed for older consoles and are backward compatible. The Xbox S Series uses less power than the other three new consoles.

Another factor that determines consumption is therefore the graphics quality of a game, and the version for which it is designed. According to the organization, NHL 21, a title developed for the PS4 but tested on the PS5, would use between 80 and 104 watts. As for Astro’s Playroom, an exclusive production for the PlayStation 5, we would climb between 180 and 200 watts. On the Microsoft side, games downloaded from Xbox Game Pass and played on a Series S would consume up to 57 watts. Finally, the title Gears 5 would use around 209 watts.

Another detail noticed, that of the use of Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming applications from the console, which can easily increase the hours of use and therefore the energy consumption. By streaming videos, these consoles can consume 10 to 25 times more electricity“than using conventional streaming devices (such as Apple TV, for example). Thus, according to the tests carried out, the Xbox Series S would have consumed around 31 watts to broadcast a show from Netflix, and around 41 watts on Amazon Prime. For its part, the PS5, in its two models, would use between 68 and 70 watts for videos streamed on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


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