PS Store: live immersive experiences with these 5 PSVR games on sale!

PS Store: live immersive experiences with these 5 PSVR games on sale!

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As part of the January PlayStation Store Super Promo, several PlayStation VR titles are on sale. Here is a selection of playable titles in virtual reality not to be missed!

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Vader Immortal : A Star Wars VR Series

Take the direction of Mustafar and explore the fortress of Darth Vader to reveal all its secrets. Easier said than done that said since many Stormtroopers and the Sith Lord himself will try to stop you. It’s up to you to repel this threat using your lightsaber and the powers of the Force, all this to be experienced in first person.

Five Nights at Freddy’s : Help Wanted

If there is one genre of game that lends itself perfectly to virtual reality, it is horror. And Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is the perfect example with its many jump scares, claustrophobic sequences in tight air ducts, and dark environments populated by bloodthirsty stuffed creatures.


SUPERHOT VR is not an ordinary shooter! And for good reason, there is no life bar or ammunition indicators on the horizon, but time that only passes when you move – for a very successful slow motion effect. To be sure to eliminate all the targets in your sight, each of your movements must be thought out, otherwise … Game Over!

Tetris Effect

Developed by Enhance Games, Tetris Effect is a visual reinvention of the famous puzzle game with geometric shapes. Carried by sets, visual effects and a dynamic soundtrack, the title becomes immersed thanks to PlayStation VR. In total, more than 30 levels and 10 game modes are on the program. Something to keep you busy for long hours.

Blood & Truth

In Blood & Truth, play as an ex-Special Forces soldier forced to hunt down a London mobster who threatened his family. A varied arsenal and various useful skills such as lockpicking or infiltration will help you clean the streets of the City of its thugs. Ready for an adventure worthy of Hollywood blockbusters?

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